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Asan Great Admiral Yi Sun-Sin Festival 2014 (아산 성웅 이순신축제) (Apr)
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The Asan Great Admiral Yi Sun-Sin Festival celebrates one of Korea’s most famous war heroes, Yi Sun-Sin, who defeated the Japanese in a momentous naval battle around 460 years ago. The festival takes place in the period around the Admiral’s birth date on April 28 in order to commemorate his achievements. Events at the festival will include a reenactment of the parade when Yi Sun-Sin took his sailors off to war and displays featuring detailed reproductions of the famous turtle-shaped ships (Geobukseon, 'Turtle Ship'), which were used in the battle.

04.25.2014 ~ 04.27.2014
69-10, Oncheon-dong, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 아산시 온천대로 1496 (온천동)
Onyang Oncheon Station Square and downtown Asan area
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