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Chonhodong Park Royal Azalea Festival (2016.04.30~05.01)
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출처 : Seoul-si Facebook

* Event introduction

Seoul is now in the grip of royal azalea fever!

Royal azalea blossoms at a campus, a park and every street of Seoul. Royal azalea festival is held in Gangdong-gu Chonhodong Park from April 30(Saturday) to May 1(Sunday). Why don't you enjoy royal azalea in a park nearby on this weekends?

[Wait! The way to distinguish between azalea and royal azalea]

Not all pink flowers are azalea!

I will tell you a simple instruction on how to tell.

Pay attention on leaves!

# Azalea: It blossoms in April. It only has flowers.

# Royal azalea: It blossoms in May. It has flowers and green leaves.

It is easy, huh? Don't be confused!

* Event information

* Address: Gangdong-gu, Seoul-si

* Location: Chonhodong Park

* Contact information: Dasan call center 120

* Website : Seoul-si Facebook

* Data source : Seoul-si Facebook

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