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Ban Ki-moon Museum and His Birthplace - 반기문UN사무총장기념관&생가마을

Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, was born in a village below

Bodeoksan Mountain. A museum and a park named Peace Land were established to

commemorate his excellent reputation, and his birthplace has also been restored next to the

museum. Farming implements and various household items are displayed at his birthplace,

faithfully recreating a scene from his childhood.


Chungcheong-daero 841beon-gil, Wonnam-myeon
원남면 충청대로 841번길 15

Iron museum - 철박물관


360, Yeongsan-ro, Gamgok-myeon

감곡면 영산로 360

Handok Medico Pharma Museum - 한독의약박물관


78, Daepungsan-ro, Daeso-myeon

대소면 대풍산로 78

Referred from : Chungbuknadri

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