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Uiseong, Gyeongsangbuk-do 의성 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Uiseong-gun is located in the center of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea. Country office is Uiseong-eup, and the administrative district is 1 eup 17 myeon. Gounsa temple is one of the main temples of the Jogye Order. Garlic is the regional product. Curling stadium is located in Hujuk-ri, Uiseong-eup.(Data source : Wikipedia)

Uiseong, the region of justice and courtesy

Uiseong-gun, which is located in the center of Gyeongsangbuk-do, has been known as the region of justice and courtesy. In 200 tumulus, a lot of tomb furnishings like Gilt-bronze crown possesses, waistband and bitter cup have been discovered. Gounsa temple, which is the 16 parish head temple of the Jogye Order, supervises five Si including Bongjeongsa temple of Andong, Buseoksa temple of Yeongju and Cheongnyangsa temple of Bonghwa.

Regional products are red clay rice, Uiseong garlic, Uiseong red pepper and Uiseong plum. The region has developed competitive agriculture industry by focusing on Eco-friendly agriculture and brand-name agricultural products.

Binggye Valley, the best summer resort

From every onset of spring, the water of the valley is frozen and it falls to four degrees below zero. But the ice melts from setting-in autumn, and the temperature rises three degrees above zero.

Kim Byeong-gnyeol/lyric writer
Born in 1956 in Uiseong
Appeared on TV program, “Chan Chan Chan”, “Cha Cha Cha all together”, “The tear of a man”
The judge of the national singing contest

-Writer Kim Byeong-gnyeol-

Binggye valley of Uiseong is the best summer resort.

Binggye valley has a beautiful landscape so it has been selected as one of eight tourist attractions in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The canyon which has been originated from the mountain is awesome. The clean water is also amazing. It is surrounded by steep cliff. Various rocks have risen in the middle of the clean stream. Volcanic activities in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era made the mountain.

It was mentioned in “The annals of Sejong”. But Binggye valley became popular due to the mysterious natural landscape.

Binggye valley has been also called “ice mountain” as it has ice hole and wind hole. The stream has been called “Binggye”, and the village has been called “Binggye-ri”

It is located in Binggye-3ri, Chunsan-myeon. It is windy in hot summer, and warm in cold winter.

Binggye eight beautiful landscapes are extraordinary. Binghyeol (Ice Cave), Pungnyeong, Inam, Bingsanji five story stone pagoda are the main beautiful places in Binggye valley. Binghyeol is the most popular place in Binggye valley. All tourists drop by it. From every onset of spring, the water of the valley is frozen and it falls to four degrees below zero. But the ice melts from setting-in autumn, and the temperature rises three degrees above zero.

Besides Binghyeol, Punghyeol is the famous tourist attraction, too. After entering the crack of rocks, you would feel cold wind within five minutes.

Various Punghyeols in Binggye-ri are like refrigerators in the region.

After following Binggye valley, you can see the huge rock with 10 meters in height and 20 meters in circumference. “Binggye-dong” is written on it. Some people say it was written by Li Rusong, the great commander in Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

I become solemn when I see the trace of Korean history.

While staying for a long time in Binggye valley, you would feel a chill even in hot summer. You'd better go to Tapsan Hot Springs when you are cold.

Tapsan Hot Springs, which was created by volcanic eruption of Geumseongsan mountain 70 million years ago, have the largest amount of germanium in Korea. It is good for skin care, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach disorder and arthritis.

-The history tour with children-

Uiseong, the region with academic traditions and custom

Uiseong has old history of Buddhist culture in the period of united Silla and Goryo. You can see old houses, pavilions and Sacheon-ri roadside trees forest.

Sanun Village

There are a lot of old houses and pavilions in Sanun Village. Since it was built by Lee Gwang-joon, it has produced a number of writers and scholars. The high ranking officials like Lee Min-hwan and Lee Hee-hal were born in the village.

The traditional village has kept the antique old houses like Hangnokjjeongsa(No. 242 local tangible cultural properties), Sowoodang, Woongokdang(No. 11 traditional architecture) and Jumwoodang(No. 12 traditional architecture).

Sachon Village

Sachon village, which was created by Kim ja-cheom in the late Goryo dynasty period, has been renowned as the region of Samjeongseung. It has produced famous classical scholars of Yeongnam academic groups like Kim Ghwang-su, Man Chui-dang, Kim Sa-won, Cheon Sa, Kim Jong-duk. Some people say Yu Seong-ryong was born in the region.

It has various tourist attractions like Manchwidang, Yeonggwijeong and Sachon roadside trees forest. It has become popular after Dinosaur Tracksite was discovered, and it was written in the novel of Kim Moon-su, “Manchuidanggi”.

The birth story of Yu Seong-ryong is intriguing. When the mother of Yu Seong-ryong got pregnant, she dreamed about a dragon. After waiting for a while, she moved to her father's house. But her father didn't accept her, saying “I cannot share the power of my family with my daughter.” So she went back to her husband's home, and gave birth to a son in Sachon roadside trees forest(No. 405 natural monument). The legend says all leaves withered at that time.


Address: Sachon-ri 184-1, Jeomgok-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

-Eco-friendly well being travel-

Sansuyu Village

It looks like a fossil as 30,000 Cornus officinalis gathered around Hwajeon-2ri, Sagok-myeon, Uiseong-gun. It is covered with yellow flowers in spring, and red fruits in fall. So all photographers, painters and tourists admire the region.

The region has amazing natural landscape. Cornus officinalis is well matched with the nature from the entrance of the village. Sansuyu flower and Uiseong forsythia on March, peony on May, buckwheat flower on September, Sagokkam and red Sansuyu fruits on October and chrysanthemum on November. Stream, farmland, the walls of home and the foot of a mountain would make your mind peaceful. Sansuyu village received prime minister award in the competition for salubrious in 2006. It has beautiful landscape and a lot of natural resources. Eco trail, village rest area, photo zone and observatory have been equipped for national business.


Address: Hwajeon-ri, Sagok-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Tapsan Hot Springs

It is located in Gusan-ri, Bongyang-myeon, Uiseong-gun. It is only legal tourist attraction in gun. Tapsan Hot Springs consist of germanium, volcanic salt, sulfur, carbonic acid, etc. It is good for anticancer effect, skin care, diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach disorder and arthritis.

It is equipped with restaurants, banquet hall and accommodations. It is convenient for transportation as it is close to Uiseong IC, Jungang Expressway. Now it is being developed to Tapsan Hot Springs tourist attraction.

Geumseongsan Mountain

Geumseongsan mountain, which was made by Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, is located in the center of Gyeongsangbuk-do. The forest of the mountain consists of pine tree, white oak and Mongolian oak. It is an extinct volcano which was created after volcano eruption. There are stone pagodas in the period of united Silla.

It looks steep, but over 2,000㎡ flat sand stretches over the top.

The legend says “If someone makes the grave of his ancestor here, he can be a rich man. But it would be not raining for three years around the region.” There is a huge puddle made by local people during the drought period, so it is not a made-up story.

There is a long trail along Geumseong mountain fortress with 2,730m length and 4m height which was made in the era Jomunguk. While climbing the mountain, you can see logan stone, Jomoon jeonmangam rock, son and daughter rock and cave. You'd better look around Soojeongsa temple and Sanun village as well.


Address: Geumseong-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

You can take a break in Geumbong recreational forest which is full of apple flowers in spring and colorful autumn leaves in fall. You would be thrilled with clean and beautiful natural landscape. It is the best place for families to make unforgettable memories.

It is located in the foot of Geumbongsan mountain with 834m altitude. It is equipped with two story wooden building, outdoor stage, camp fire ground and pavilion, so it is very convenient. In particular, 60 illustrated poems of local poets are exhibited everywhere in 5km trail. So you can enjoy them with fresh air and fragrant trees.


Address: Geumbong-ri mountain 24-1, Oksan-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-833-0123

Korea Appleliz Corporation

It is located in Hupyeong-ri, Danchon-myeon, Uiseong-gun.

Uiseong is the No.1 apple plantation in Korea. It is famous for apple agricultural tourism and apple wine production experience.

Korea Appleliz corporation has held special program making my own apple wine. It has been popular with many tourists.


Address: Hupyeong-ri 69, Danchon-myeon, Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-834-7800

-The walking tour with the story-


It is full of yellow flowers in spring
and red flowers in fall

30,000 old trees gathered in Sansuyu village in Sagok-myeon. So it is full of flowers in spring. The tree is so many and huge that it is really beautiful in the early April and November. It is the best place to enjoy beautiful natural landscape.

In particular, it is full of yellow Sansuyu flowers in spring, so it is good to take a walk. The smell of chives and garlic is so fragrant. Blue sky, yellow flower and green chives and garlic are well matched each other.

And it is full of red fruits in fall. The autumn leaves turn into brown. The fruits of trees in the ridge between rice paddies, hill and brook are vivid red.

You can walk the trail while looking at Cornus officinalis close. Why don't you enjoy scenery of a countryside, and feel the peaceful atmosphere in the nature?

Trail Introduction

-Village hall of Hwajeon-3ri(the entrance of Sansuyu flower road)→ Trail or embankment road→ Mini park stage→ Resting area/Photo zone→ Supsil village

Contact information of Saemaeul culture department in Uiseong-gun: 054-830-6096

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