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Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do 영덕 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Yeongdeok-gun is located in the eastern coast of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea. Regional product are snow crab, peach, pine mushroom, roundnose flounder and gold sweet fish. The famous beaches are Goraebul Beach, Jangsa Beach and Daejin Beach. Famous amusement parks are Dalsan Okgye valley and Jipum Ocheon pine grove. Main tourist attractions are estuary harbor, Samsa Marine Park, Yeongdeok fishing village folk museum, Yeongdeok wind generator complex, Yeongdeok new generation energy gallery, general Shin Dol-seok historical site, Yeonghae Goesi traditional village and Yeongdeok hyanggyo. Country office is Yeongdeok-eup, and the administrative district is 1 eup 8 myeon. (Data source : Wikipedia)

Yeongdeok, the region of snow crab and sunset

Yeongdeok is the famous sightseeing city as it has beautiful mountains and beaches. Yeongdeok sunrise park and wind generator complex have made a meteoric rise as the new tourist attractions. In particular, “the street of iris light” attracts tourists with colorful lights on the sea at night.

It held air sports competition for the first time in Korea. You can enjoy ocean leports like skin scuba, jet sky and sea fishing. It has been risen as the new resort city for leports.

Regional specialties are Yeongdeok snow crab, Yeongdeok peach, Sansongi and Osipcheon sweetfish.

Ganggu Port and Sunrise Park

Ganggu port, which has much haul of live fish, is always crowded with dozens of aquarium vehicles from all over the country. It is even more crowded with people those who come to eat cheap sashimi. Sunrise park is another tourist attraction of Yeongdeok.

Jang Yeong-gi/ Journalist
Born in 1951 in Yeongdeok
Former reporter of international newspaper
Edition staff of editorial department of The Kyunghyang Shinmun
The manager of data processing development department of The Kyunghyang Shinmun

-Writer Jang Yeong-gi-

The port is always crowded at dawn. The port becomes bustling after fishing boats come back while lighting up in the dark blue sea. The dock is crowded with big and small fish boxes and merchandisers.

Ganggu port, the trading center of Yeongdeok snow crab, is especially crowded at 7 or 8 a.m. The auction for snow crab, red crab and blue crab is open at this time.

Ganggu port, which has much haul of live fish, is always crowded with dozens of aquarium vehicles from all over the country. It is even more crowded with people those who come to eat cheap sashimi.

Ganggu port is located in the place where Osipcheon, the clean water of Yeongdeok, meets the east sea. It has been famous filming site since there is berth facility on the both sides of Ganggu large bridge. The heavy sea and vigorous fishermen are amazing.

After driving 9km along the beautiful coastal road, you can see sunrise park, another tourist attraction of Yeongdeok.

S shaped road toward sunrise park was originally Gangchuk coastal road from Ganggu to Chuksanhang, but it has recently been reformed to “The road of Yeongdeok snow crab”.

While driving along the road of Yeongdeok snow crab, you can see white bubble in the air.

After driving curved road, you can see 24 white wind generators on the top of the mountain. Many people have paid attention to wind generator since it is Eco-friendly energy, and has distinctive feature.

Sunrise park has been constructed on the damaged area. You can overlook the broad eastern sea. Small lighthouse, wooden floor and bench are awesome. Sunrise park has various wild flowers, natural education site and sculpture park with 18 fish sculptures. So it is good to take a walk.

In particular, 15 species of wild flowers like narcissus, kind of aster and Montane aster, and 8 species of native flowers have been planted in natural education site. So it is the best field study place for children.

Thanks to beautiful landscape, it is popular with soon-to-be married couple these days. But sunrise park is not only for young people. While overlooking broad east sea from the top of the park, you can develop great spirit.


Address: Daetan-ri, Yeongdeok-eup, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-7022

-The history tour with children-

Yeongdeok, the region of wide east sea

Yeongdeok had strict custom, and generous sages lived in the region.
Blue east sea knows it.

Goesi-ri traditional village

Goesi-ri traditional village has well kept old houses. After Kim family moved to the region in the late Goryo dynasty period, it became the Nam family village which has enjoyed the greatest power for four hundred years. 30 old houses are over two hundred years old, and six old houses have been selected as cultural assets.

All old houses are beautiful. But Goesi-ri Goejeong, Goesi-ri Daenamdaek, Goesi-ri Moolso and old house and Goesi donghaechon old house are extraordinary. Goesi-ri Goejeong was established by Nam Jun-hyeong in 1776, and it is also called as “Gyeong mok jae”. He put his efforts into a field of study. Local people have made an effort to keep precious local cultural resource.

Goesi-ri Moolso old house, Goesi donghaechon old house and Goesi-ri Daenamdaek are other precious relics for understanding house structure of Yangban and the lifestyle.


Address: Goesi-ri, Yeonghae-myeo, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-6114

Inyang-ri Traditional Village

The village was created in ancient times. It has been developed with five families and eight head families. It looks like overspread wings of a bird, and it has been called as “Inyang-ri” since the era of Gwanghaegun of Joseon. The village is famous for strict custom, and has produced a number of scholars since the Goryo dynasty period.

So there are seven old houses including Yeongdeok Chunghyodang(No. 168 national folk material) in the village. Yeongdeok Chunghyodang was built by Lee Ae, and Lee Hyun-il was born in the house. It has the main building, detached house and shine. It is precious material for architecture study since it has preserved architecture style of yangban in the early Joseon dynasty period.

There are 20 old houses built from 1400 to 1700, so it is good to see the traditional architecture style. C shaped house, which is rare in this region, is extraordinary.


Address: Illyang-ri, Changsu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-6114

-Eco-friendly well being travel-

Samsa Marine Park

Samsa marine park, which is located in the hill of the coast, is a huge vacation spot for family. The coastline and the sunset of the east coast are so beautiful that the park has been selected as the tourist attraction for sunset of the new year.

It is the best excursion place for family and couple as it also has a variety of tourist attractions. There are Manghyangtap, Gyeongbuk daejong, fountain, artificial waterfall, hwamunseok and outdoor concert hall with 2400 seats. In particular, in Fishing Village Folk Museum, which was open in December, 2005, you can see various cultures and plays of Yeongdeok, the life of fishing village, construction process of ships, submarine topography of the sea, growing steps of snow crab and various snow crab foods. Moreover, it has been selected as the best observatory for seeing eastern sea.

Moreover, Gyeongbo Fossil Museum and Jangsa Beach nearby Samsa Marine Park are the best places to visit. Gyeongbo Fossil Museum is the first fossil museum in Korea. It exhibits 2000 rare fossils from 20 countries around the world by age, region and characteristics. Jangsa Beach, which is selected as one of main three beaches in Korea, shows off beautiful natural landscape.


Address: Samsa-ri, Ganggu-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-6398

Daejin Beach and Goraebul Beach

Two beaches are known as the hugest beaches in the south east sea. As it is, they have large scale and best quality. 8Km golden sandy beach, dense pine forest and beautiful coastline are amazing. Gold sand particle is so thick that it doesn't stick to body. So it is good for hot sand bath.

In particular, Goraebul beach has been known as famous 20 ri road. The story about Lee Saek, the great scholar in the late Goryo dynasty period, is intriguing. The legend says the beach was named Goraebul after Lee Saek saw a herd of whales playing in the sea. Having sea bathing is fine, but enjoying water sports like jet boat and Banana boat is better. Driving along beautiful coast line is also great.


Address: Yeonghae-myeo, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-6114

Sunrise Park(Changpomal lighthouse, the street of light)

Sunrise park, which is located in the best coastal drive course in Korea, was constructed along the seashore of Ganggu-myeon and Chulsan-myeon. It is famous for Changpomal lighthouse beyond seashore cliff. The lighthouse was modeled after the legs of snow crab. The observatory has been built on the top part of the legs, so you can overlook beautiful sea. After walking along the trail under the lighthouse, you can see 23,000 wild flowers like naupaka and China pink, and 900 local plants. There are observatory, rest area and reed field, so you can enjoy music and beautiful sculptures. It is the best place to take a picture of coastal landscape and the park.

Watch the sunset in the east sea, and follow Changpomal lighthouse. It would be wonderful after going down the stairs and passing through the street of light.(luminarie)


Address: Daetan-ri, Yeongdeok-eup, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact information: 054-730-7022

Wind Power Generation Complex

Yeongdeok wind power generation complex is located right back to the Changpomal lighthouse. It is the first commercial private wind power generation complex, and it can produce 96,680MWh electricity annually. Now 24 instruments have been being operated, and they can supply national clean energy. It has been popular filming site since its huge windmill and the broad sea look so exotic. It is the best field study spot for family with sunrise park nearby. Yeongdeok-gun holds “night hiking welcoming the first moon in the eastern coast of Korea” on every Saturday with a full moon. It has been popular with family tourists with night hiking, event and performances.


Chuksanhang(Original snow crab village)

While driving Yeongdeok snow crab road, you can see the beautiful landscape of the eastern coast. And then you can arrive at the port with a lot of ships. Here is Chuksanhang. It is the famous port along with Ganggu Port, and one of the five ports in Korea where snow crab auction is held. But it is a small port surrounded by low mountains. While Ganggu Port is crowded with many people, Chuksanhang has a few small fishing boats. You can see typical fishing village that you imagined in your childhood. With the opening of Yeongdeok snow crab road, it has been called “Chuksanhang blue sea village”. It is especially crowded with a lot of tourists in the peak season. Moreover, the rocks on the seashore and breakwater nearby Chuksanhang are the ideal spots for fishermen. The small memorial stone named “Original snow crab village” overlooks the sea. It is a peaceful and generous fishing village.


Address: Chuksan-ri, Chuksan-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

-The walking tour with the story-

Blue Road

It is about 64km road from Yeongdeok snow crab park to Goraebul beach. It is the coast road for walking tour along with Kwandong road in Samcheok.

You can enjoy a lot of tourist attractions and delicious foods in blue eastern sea, wind power generation complex, Original snow crab village, Chuksanhang and Goesi-ri village. In particular, you can look around New Regeneration Energy exhibition hall with your family and children. A course, which is known as “the road of light and wind”, is 17.5km from Ganggu port and Yeongdeok wind power generation complex.

Sunrise trail is used for morning workout course by local people, and wind power generation complex shows off exotic landscape.

B course, which is known as “the road of blue snow crab”, is 15km road from Changpo sunrise park to Chuksanhang. It is the most typical blue road, which has been reconstructed from coast guard post. Since it has clean natural landscape, you can appreciate the beautiful emerald sea.

C course, which is called as “the road of meditation”, is 17km road from Daesosan Beacon Fire Station to Goraebul Beach. The cradle of Yeongnam Nam family and Daesosan Beacon Fire Station are famous historical culture sites. Daejin Beach that is called as “Myeongsa isipri” and pine forest and sandy beach of Goraebul Beach are another popular tourist attractions.

D course, “the road of indigo blue wave”, has been constructed recently. It is 15km trail from Jangsa Beach, Gyeongbo Fossil Museum, Namho Beach, Samsa Marine Park to Ganggu Terminal. It takes about five hours on foot. Snow crab sculpture at the entrance of blue road welcomes tourists.

Course Introduction of Blue Road

A course_the road of light and wind(17.5km, about 6 hours)
- Ganggu Terminal→ Ganggu Port→ Geumjan overbridge→ Gobulbong→ Sunrise Campground→ New Regeneration Energy Exhibition Hall→ Wind Power Generation Complex→ Sunrise Park

B course_the road of blue snow crab(15km, about 5 hours)
- Sunrise Park→ Daetan Fishing Village Experience Center→ Seokri Fishing Village Experience Center→ Original Snow Crab Village→ Blue Road Bridge→ Chukttosan→ Chuksanhang→ The cradle of Yeongnam Nam family

C course_ the road of meditation(17.5km, about 6 hours)
- The cradle of Yeongnam Nam family→ Daesosan Beacon Fire Station→ Sajin overbridge→ Lee Saeck Memorial Hall→ Goesi-ri Traditional Village→ Daejin port→ Daejin Beach→ Goraebul Beach

D course_the road of indigo blue wave(15km, about 5 hours)
- Snow Crab Park→ Jangsa Beach→ Gyeongbo Fossil Museum→ Namho Beach→ Samsa Marine Trail→ Samsa Marine Park→ Fishing Village Folk Exhibition Hall→ Ganggu Terminal

Contact information of the department of culture and tourism of Yeongdeok-gun: 054-730-6533

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