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Jeollanamdo - Gokseung-gun 곡성 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Gokseung (곡성)

Gokseung is the 22 century' promised land, the clean capital. It promote future rural city with its uncontaminated mountains and rivers; eco-environment. Gokseung promotes specialized industry, cultural and tourist industry, such as health, silver industry from the clean natural resources. And there is Simcheong project based on the story of Simcheong(Filial daughter). There is a abandoned railroad station to be renewed as Gokseong Seomjin River Train village. And the Gokseong succeed and develop the Hyo(take care of the parents) into core value of family. And it promote the city to be found by family, be lived by family.

Gokseong Seomjin River Train Village (곡성 섬진강 기차마을)

Gokseong Station was closed after the

southwestern railroad route was straightened from Seokseong Station to Amnok

Station. It still has the ordinary, zigzag railroad to rewind the memories of

ordinary people.
And this is the place that harbors the

great memory of the past, the life, joys, and sorrows of ordinary people who

used the southwestern railroad for 70 years since its opening in 1936.

the new straightened railroad, there is new Gokseong staion. The old station is

now reborn as Gokseong Seomjun River Train Village.' This is the place where

the scene of “Daegu station on refuge way in the movie “TaeGukGi : Brotherhood

of the war" was shot. It is good to take a picture with steam engine train

which was made during taking movie. And It will give you recollection and

romance with the Seomjin River and Gokseung train village along the national

road # 17.

232 Gichamaeul-ro, Ogok-myeon



South Korea
곡성군 오곡면 오지리 기차마을로 232


Temple (태안사)

Taeansa on the skirt of Dongri mountain is a quite temple away from the the mundane world.
The 1.8 kilometer long valley leading to Taean temple provides beautiful scenery all year around, such as the verdure in spring, green shade of rich forest in summer, and dark maple leaves in autumn. There are five treasures inside the temple such as Jeonginseonsa Joryuncheongjeongtop(Pagoda), Gwangjadaesatap(Pagoda), and Yet Namudari Neungpagak, the bridge with a roof at the entrance of Taean Temple, which is a tourist attraction you must not miss.

606-215 Taean-ro, Jukgok-myeon
Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
South Korea
곡성군 죽곡면 태안로 606-215

Dorim temple (도림사)

Dorim Temple was founded by Satin WonHyo. The meaning of Dorim is to gather the satins. It is a famous view with old pine tree, Dorim valley, and fall near the temple.
There are foundation stones to watch and rest on it. It is very cool to swim in the valley during summer.
At the peak, there is Sinsun stone(meaning the God may rest on this stone). It is good climbing course from Dorim valley to Hyungjae peak.

175 Dorim-ro, Gokseong-eup
Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
South Korea
곡성군 곡성읍 도림로 175

Rose Park (장미공원)

The Rose Park in Gokseung is the national biggest Rose garden in Korea about 40,000 sq. m with 1,004 species of rose in the park.
The traveler may like to enjoy the park mingled with pond, central fountain, tunnel, night lights, and the sculptures.

232 Gichamaeul-ro, Ogok-myeon
Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
South Korea
곡성군 오곡면 기차마을로 232

Amnok Recreation Area (압록유원지)

Amnok Recreation Area is the joint of Seumjin river and Bosung river. And it's a natural recreation area as summer resort with 100,000 sq. m white sand beach.
It is a good place of camping for the family because there is no mosquito during summer.
Especially There is famous fishery in the lower Bosung river.
Bosung river is the river of the state. It is a habitat for Sweetfish, catfish, mandarin fish, Pseudorasbora parva, a king crab, greenling. In spring, local people use fishing net to get fished and cook spicy fish stew. And in summer, it is famous of torchlight play during fishing.
Before the construction of Juam dam, there wew many marsh snails and shellfishes in clean water, which fishers get those for living. The construction of dam changes the ecosystem. So The Bosung river recover project is started to creat a park and eco-friendly maintain system for small stream and river. So the river is recovering as it was before. So many fisher are coming back to this river.

1066 Seomjingang-ro, Ogok-myeon
Gokseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
South Korea
곡성군 오곡면 섬진강로 1066

Referred from : Namdo Tour (published by Jeolla provincial government)

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