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Jeollanamdo - Gurye-gun 구례 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Gurye 구례

Gurye is located at the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. It has the best landscape of Jirisan mountain and Seomjingang River in Jeollanamdo. Gurye is a beautiful place with a wide field, beautiful landscape, overflowing crops, and a lenient mind. Gurye has a lot of cultural relics so called cultural home. It also has Hwaeomsa Temple, Taeansa Temple in Gokseong, Heungguksa Temple in Yeosu etc about 40 branch temples. There are Gakhwangjeon Hall which is the biggest wood building in the East, Four-Lion Three-story Stone Pagoda and plenty of national treasures.

Jirisan mountain 지리산

Jirisan mountain is named as "if the foolish stays, he/she will change wise person,"
It reaches Sobaek Mountains southwest from the Taebaek mountains. and it soars from Chupungnyeong to Hallyeosudo. So it is excellent mountain.
It is the 1st national park, typicality and symbolism of the national mountains, and its historicity so called "national holy mountain".

Nogodan Peak sea of clouds and snow scene at Nogodan Peak 노고단

Nogodan Peak is 1507m altitude and it's one of 3 main peaks of the Jirisan mountain(Cheonwangbong Peak, Nogodan Peak, Banyabong Peak). Between this 3 main peaks, Nogodan Peak is the holiest peak.
Especailly sea of clouds and snow scene at Nogodan Peak are numver 1 place of the Jirisan mountain.
The sea of clouds from the south reach the Nogodan Peak like coming wave makes the most beautiful landscape of the Jirisan mountain.
There are many climbing courses at Jirisan mountain. and each of them has specialty and distinct feature. It's fresh and strange everytime you climb the mountain with different course by season.
It's good to have a schedule to see sunrise 40mins walking disctance from Parking lot at Seongsamjae Pass. In autumn, you can enjoy sea of clouds at Nogodan Peak.

Jirisan mountain hot spring 지리산 온천

Jirisan mountain hot spring is opened in 1989 and it is biggest hot spring in Jeollanam-do. It has weakly alkaline hot spring. It can provide 6000 tons of water per day.
There are many tourists to visit the Jirisan mountain national park. And it is favorable place of climbing tourists to visit in winter. And it is remodelled in March 2011. So now it is well liked hot spring with Spa facility.

Location : 261 Jirisanoncheon-ro, Sandong-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 산동면 지리산온천로 261

Piagol Valley 피아골

If you climb about 4 km from Yeongoksa Temple, There is a forest. This is the biggest broad-leaved forest Jirisan mountain. Piagol Valley has magnificent view all of the time.
Piagol Valley reaches a peak at every late in October. It strongly attracts the people to see the view of colorful maple with harmony of mountains.
The maple of Piagol Valley is highlight of the Jirisan mountain.

Seomjingang River 섬진강

Seomjingang River starts from Maisan Jinan-gun. It flows about 200km through Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do and Gyeongsangnam-do. It is famous for its cleanest water in Korea.
Gurye-gun is located at midstream of Seomjingang River. The river flows 80km through Baegunsan Mountain and Jirisan Mountain. It is habitats for sweetfish, gray mullet, carp, eel and a king crab etc about 30 kinds of fish. Salmon has been released since February 1998. The slamon comes back at the spawning time.

Location - Seomjin River Fish Eco-museum
47 Ganjeonjungang-ro, Ganjeon-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
섬진강 어류생태관 - 구례군 간전면 간전중앙로 47

Sandong Sansuyu flower festival 산동

Gurye-gun Sandong-myeon is habitat of Sansuyu flower. yellow flowers come out splendidly from late February to April. And the color will change in November. A virgin from Sandong China brought the Sansuyu tree. and she planted it. So this area called as Sandong. In mid March, Sandong Sansuyu flower festival starts. Sandong Sansuyu flower is cultivated at 70 % of domestic output.

Location - 227 Sansuyukkotgil-ro, Sandong-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 산동면 산수유꽃길로 227

Seomjingang River Cherry Blossom Walkway 섬진강 벚꽃길

Early spring at the end of Sansuyu flower, cherry blossoms are in full bloom with harmony of Seomjingang River. At this time, Seomjingang River Cherry Blossom Walkway has been held.
Seomjingang River Cherry Blossom Walkway was made in 1992. It is along Natianal Road No. 17 and 19 which connects Gokseong and Hadong. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom along walkway so It is good to drive and it is well-known for marathon course.

Location - 98 Donghaebeotkkot-ro, Muncheok-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 문척면 동해벚꽃로 98

Gurye Surak Falls 구례 수락폭포

Surak Falls is located in Sugi-ri, 4 km away from Wonchon village of Sandong-myeon. It is so beautiful like raining silver pouder from the sky.
Its height is 15m. In summer, Many women enjoys waterfall to cool the body from hot weather. and It is good for neuralgia, muscular pain, and pain after delivery so many are visiting now. And there is natural swimming pool now. So many people enjoy the holiday here.
It is famous for training place of Dongpyeonje Pansori Master, teacher Son, Man-Gap.

Location - Surak-gil, Sandong-myeon Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
구례군 산동면 수락길

Hwaeomsa Temple 화엄사

Hwaeomsa Temple is founded in 544(Baekjae Sungwang 22 by Yungijosa. There are many national treasures here including Gakhwangjeon Pavilion.
Jirisan mountain was called birthplace of Buddhist culture and there are Hwaeomsa Temple at center, Cheoneunsa Temple, and Yeongoksa Temple.

Location - 539 Hwaeomsa-ro, Masan-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 마산면 화엄사로 539

Osan Saseongam Hermitage 오산 사성암

Osan mountain is located in Muncheok-myeon Jungma-ri. and it is 531m. It is not much high and has many beautiful place. It is good for famnily climbing, or group tour.
Saseongam Hermitage is founded in 544(Baekjae Sungwang 22 by Yungijosa. at Buddha was carved at rock. It is called Standing Rock-carved Buddha. It is called Osanam but now it is called Saseongam. Because 4 saints(Wonhyo, Dosan, Jingak, Uisang) practice asceticism here.

Location - 303 Saseongam-gil, Muncheok-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 문척면 사성암길 303

Unjoru Pavilion 운조루

Yuiju leveled the ground for a house at Jeolla-do (Suncheon) when he worked as governor of Nagan-gun.
When he dug in the ground to put the connertone, he found a stone shape like tuttle. It is belived the fortune place by the theory of divination based on topography. It is remained Unjoru Pavilion, Gurae Pavilion, and tile-roofed house from 99 of rooms and facilities in the field of 4620 sqm

Location - 59 Unjoru-gil, Toji-myeon Gurye, Jeollanam-do
구례군 토지면 운조루길 59

Data Source : Namdo Travel(published by Jeolla provincialgovernment)

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