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Jeollanam-do - Naju-si 나주 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Naju-si 나주시

Naju is the place where Wanggun met Janghwa queen and founded a country as Goryeo. And it is a dream city for ambition of Sambong,Jeong Do-jeon. It is called small Seoul for its topography.
There is a Yeongsangangriver(one of 4 major river in Korea) in Naju. There are many farmers for its basic business as agricultural industry. It is a alive land with the harmony of nature. In Naju, Kim, Chun-Il raised an army in the cause of justice inJapanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. Naju is the starting place of Gwangju Students Independence Movement. And It is home town for Shin Sukju, Na, Daeyong who invented the Turtle Ship, and many great man in the history.

Geumseonggwan 금성관

Geumseonggwan is the biggest area of the

provincial palace in theJoseon era. There

is a ceremony for the king with symbolic plate every thefirst day and fifteenthdayof amonth. And it is a inn for envoys and government officials.

Location - 8 Geumseonggwan-gil Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 금성관길 8



Bulhoesa Templeis located in a halfway up Deongnyongsan mountain. It is one of oldest temple in the Korea. It is built by Buddhist monk,Maranantata in the time of Baekje King Chimryu.DaeungjeonHall is a beautiful building with Buddha made of paper. StoneTotem Poleat the entrance

seems friendly and intersting. And Yeolliji at the entrance of Bulhoesa Temple is famous for a devoted love or harmonious

of couple because the meaning of Yeolliji is two twigs are connected.

Location - 999 Masan-ri, Dado-myeon Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 다도면 마산리 999

Naju Image Theme Park
나주 영상테마파크

NajuImageTheme Park is the biggest theme park in the Korea. Because it

is built on 140000 sq.m of field.And it is

famous for Filming site of MBC drama “Jumong" which is top rank for 35 weeks.

visitors has visited this park. And it is traditional history and culture

experiencing place. The visitors learned freely in this place. Especially there

are historic experience program of Goguryeo. For example, There are Culture

display of Goguryeo, traditional clothes and foods trying, arching, and horse


Location - San2 Singok-ri,

Gongsan-myeon Naju-si,

나주시 공산면 덕음로 450


MoksaNaea is the

private home of a moksa of Naju, the highest official of Naju-mok in Joseon

Especially it is located at the center of

the city. And There are still remaining governmental official building of

Joseon dynasty.
The Gumhakheon of MoksaNaea which was

reformed into a traditional culture-experiencing venue in Naju provides

accommodations and has been selected as exemplary for utilizing cultural assets

by South Jeolla Province.

Location - 33-1

Geumgye-dong Naju-si,

나주시 금성관길 13-8

Bokamri and Bannam Old Tombs


Old tombs and Bannam Old tombs are mystery of Korean ancient history.

The density and size of this tomb is biggest in

It is surprising that various

remains were found including Geundonggwan(golden crown, National Treasure No.

295), GeumdongSinbal(golden shoes) and Hwandudaedo(sword).

Location 756 Gobun-ro,Bannam-myeon Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 반남면 고분로 756


Doraemaeul Village
다도 도래마을

Doraemaeul Village is the place of Hong

Gieung's house, Hong Gihun's house, and Hong Gichang's house which show living

life of ancestors. And it is also used for the filming site.

the guesthouse of Hong Gihun was built in 1790. At that time, it was so luxury to be

illegal to the law. And it is also well preserved its ordinary scene. Nationalist

bought this traditional buildings and it remodel them into accommodations. It

gives the beauty of past tradition.

Location - 16 Dongnyeok-gil, Dado-myeon Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 다도면 동력길 16

Natural Dye museum
천연 염색박물관

Naju area is appointed for traditional

dyeing crafts which is also designated as intangible cultural assets. And Thereare

natural dyeing culture center and related company in active.

dye museum was opened in 2006 for the inheritance and development of the

natural dye. It is the biggest between domestic museum and there are exhibition

center, interpretive center, bargain counter, experience center, seminar room,

and laboratory.

Location - 379 Baekho-ro, Dasi-myeon Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 다시면 백호로 379

JungHeung Gold Spa & Resort

NajuJungHeung Gold Spa & Resort is located with Nahuho'sbeautiful

nature. It offers many games, foods and attractions. And it is the biggest

water theme park in Honam area.
There are many facilities like many theme

water play area of tornado and water roller coaster etc, and water leisure

sports area.

Location - 2356-4 Usan-ri,

Nampyeong-eup Naju-si,

나주시 남평읍 나주호로 442-129

gomtang(beef-bonesoup) street

Najugomtang is well propagated in Namdo

meat-eating culture
There is special recipe for cooking shin fore

shank and thebrisketofbeef.

Location - 8 Geumseonggwan-gil Naju, Jeollanam-do
나주시 금성관길 8

Yeongsan-poskate street
영산포 홍어거리

Skate is well-being food which is fermented

during keeping in the boat along the winding Yeongsangang River.

Location - Deungdae-gil Naju-si, Jeollanam-do
나주시 등대길


eel street
구진포 장어거리

Gujinpo of naju is the neighboring area between fresh

water and sea water.

That's why eels

from this area are very delicious.

Eels from Gujinpo

are delicious and good for health. Because they ate mudfish.

Location - Gujinpo-ro, Dasi-myeon Naju-si, Jeollanam-do
나주시 다시면 구진포로

Data Source :Namdo Travel(Published by

Jeolla Provincial government)

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