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Travel Informations
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Chungcheongbukdo - Chungjusi 충주 - (Travel Info Korea)
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Travel regions : South Korea
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Chungju Lake Tour

If you take a pleasure boat trip on Chungjuho Lake, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape
along the 50km-long waterway from Chungju to Danyang. The tour courses include mountains
such as Woraksan, Jakseongsan, and Geumsusan, as well as high peaks such as Oksunbong
and Gudambong.

Address : 882, Jideung-ro, Dongnyang-myeon
Phone : 043-851-6481~2
Homepage :

Three Hot Springs

Suanbo Hot Springs, Angseong Carbonate Hot Springs, and Mungang Sulfur Hot Springs are
renowned tourist attractions thanks to the high quality of their hot spring water. Notably, Suanbo
became the first hot spring resort in Korea, and is famous for the rich mineral content of its water.
Suanbo Hot Spring Land Address : 47, Jujeongsan-ro, Suanbo-myeon(수안보면 주정산로 47)
Angseong Carbonate Hot Springs Address : 1457, Gagok-ro, Angseong-myeon (앙성면 가곡로 1457)
Mungang Sulfur Hot Springs Address : 1061, Palbong-ro, Salmi-myeon(살미면 팔봉로 1061)

Referred from : Chungbuknadri

충북, 충주시, 충주호관광선, 유람선, 삼색온천, 수안보온천, 앙성탄산온천, 문강유황온천, Chungcheongbukdo, Chungjusi, Chungju, Lake, Tour, Three, Hot, Springs, Suanbo, Spring, Land, Angseong, Carbonate, Mungang, Sulfur, 忠清北道, 忠州
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