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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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Chungju #5- Natural Mushroom Hot Pot and dinner in Suanbo Juniper House restaurant - (Korea Tour)
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Last Modified : 2017/02/17

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  • BFL Steakhouse
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  • Suanbo Juniper House restaurant
  • Suanbo Park Hotel
  • Mireukdaewon Stone Temple Site in Chungju
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I planned to eat healthy food for dinner in Chungju travel. I ate mushroom hot pot and set menu with seasoned wild vegetables. It is located near suanbo park hotel. The price was reasonable and taste was wonderful. I was much satisfied with that. In particular, women should be served an abundant meal, since they always prepare food and clean up the house.

Canon EOS 550D | f/4.5 | iso 100 | 2015:08:01 19:19:00 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 17mm

You can realize why it is called as juniper house restaurant. There are too huge junipers inside the fence to take a picture.

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.5 | iso 1000 | 2015:08:01 19:21:31 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 30mm

Cooked pheasant sticks out. Suanbo is very famous for pheasant. I wanted to have it, but decided to order natural mushroom hot pot and set menu with seasoned wild vegetables for everyone.

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.2 | iso 640 | 2015:08:01 19:30:24 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 17mm

Except large natural mushroom hot pot, about thirty side dishes are served in dinner. It is price-reasonable and is plentiful like the famous Korean restaurant in Jeonju. Contrary to average restaurants, all side dishes are freshly made. It was so delicious.

Canon EOS 550D | f/4.0 | iso 800 | 2015:08:01 19:20:38 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 17mm

Natural mushroom hot pot is served with four or five kinds of mushrooms, vegetable, seasoned beef and meat broth. Before it boils, I will have a taste of side dishes.

Edible shoots of a fatsia and grilled deodeok root had pungent smell. Edible shoots of a fatsia is parboiled, and seasoned with red chili-pepper paste with vinegar. It smelled good and tasted fantastic. Spicy grilled deodeok root was also delicious.

Acorn jello was bitter but soft. Grilled yellow croaker was readily prepared. Its flesh was warm and

and its scale was crunchy. Unlike other Korean restaurant, fish was not got cold.

These are braised pollack and braised short ribs. They are freshly cooked, so warm and nicely presented. Every freshly made food is always delicious. When mother just cooks, the foods are wonderful. But it doesn't taste very good when having cold leftovers.

Left is cheonggukjang jjigae with spicy cheongyang red pepper, and right is bijijang with fermented biji. I didn't have them at first because there was natural mushroom hot pot. But when I tried once, it was awesome. There were dozens of pots in front of the entrance. Jjigae was made from homemade soybean paste and red pepper paste.

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.2 | iso 500 | 2015:08:01 19:22:16 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 17mm

While I ate a bowl of rice, mushroom hot pot was almost done. I will try it after adding a bowl of rice again.

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.2 | iso 1000 | 2015:08:01 19:25:09 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 17mm

Meat broth was spicy, and various mushrooms were plentiful. As it was natural mushroom, I enjoyed its mouth-watering shape and thick smell. The soup tasted good and mushroom was so chewy. Especially, the soup brewing mushroom was really nice. I couldn't stop having it. I felt like I became healthy.

The picture looks even more delicious, right? Due to the hot weather, I felt uncomfortable to have stew. But it tasted deep and fresh.

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.2 | iso 1250 | 2015:08:01 19:49:26 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 41mm

Even though I ate two bowls of rice, I must eat savory crust of overcooked rice. Dinner was finished after having crust of overcooked rice and scorched-rice water!

Canon EOS 550D | f/3.2 | iso 800 | 2015:08:01 20:05:22 | Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode | 41mm

The sun set after having a meal. And the village was decorated with luminarie. Parti-colored lights brighten the alley of Chungju. If you really see them, it would be more beautiful. Cheonggukjang and other single dishes like soft tofu just cost about 6,000 won. But I was so satisfied with fresh side dishes.


+Address: Oncheon-ri 245, Suanbo-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

+Contact information: 043-846-2813

+Operating hours: 8AM~9:30PM (open throughout the year)

ヒャンナムチプ食堂, 忠州, 충주, 水安堡, 수안보, 버섯전골, 산채나물, 수안보파크호텔, 향나무집식당, 향나무, 꿩요리, 밑반찬, 두릅, 더덕구이, 초고추장, 도토리묵, 코다리찜, 갈비찜, 버섯, 누룽지, 숭늉, 루미나리에, mushroomhotpot, seasonedwildvegetables, suanboparkhotel, juniperhouserestaurant, juniper, Cookedpheasant, sidedishe, Edibleshoot, sofafatsia, grilleddeodeok, root, redchili-pepper, pastewithvinegar, Acornjello, braisedpollack, braisedshortribs, mushroom, savorycrust, ofovercookedrice, scorched-ricewater
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