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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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Iksan, Nonsan #5 - "Nammae seafood octopus bossam", the plentiful meal - (Korea Tour)
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The big lunch: Nammae whangje seafood octopus bossam (Muwangno 11 gil 6-5, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do)

I searched on the Internet to choose must-go restaurant in Iksan, but it is a chain store. Since I have never been to the chain store in Seoul, I visited that of Iksan. Unfortunately, I couldn't order seafood octopus bossam because it is for three people(60,000 won). I ordered octopus bossam(35,000 won), instead.


first, bean paste soup has been served. It was a good appetizer for

late lunch.


the main food has been served. Staff member chopped the octopus into

lots of pieces with scissors.


were buckwheat crepe and pork bossam next to the octopus. And there

were lettuce, conch, kimchi and dried slices of daikon, and all of

them were so delicious. In particular, the combination of pork and

dried slices of daikon was out of this world!


ordered whangje octopus bossam(small, 35,000 won). It is quite

enough for two people.


are some inexpensive menus. I want to have Gondeure dolsotbap(Rice

with Thistle in a Hot Pot) next time.


horong gui(Octopus Stick) costs over 10,000 won for one octopus in

Seoul. I ordered it as I heard it costs only 5,000 won for two

octopuses. It was not bad, but too small. I ate away all of them

before taking a picture. Haha.


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