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Travel Informations
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Darian Tourist Site of Sobaeksan National Park(소백산국립공원 다리안관광지)

Sobaeksan is a mountain that branches away from the Taebaek Mountain Range in a
southwesterly direction. This mountainous area includes the Darian Tourist Site, which is
crowded with camping grounds, a youth hostel, and restaurants. There are densely wooded
forests along the nearby valley, making the site a wonderful destination for a summer
Address : 12, Sobaeksandeungsan-gil, Danyang-eup(단양읍 소백산등산길 12)
Phone : 043-423-1243
Homepage :

Gosu Cave(고수동굴)

Address : 8, Gosucave-gil, Danyang-eup
Phone : 043-422-3072

Ondal Cave(온달동굴)

Address : 23, Ondal-ro, Yeongchun-myeon
Phone : 043-423-8820

Dodamsambong Peaks

Dodamsambong consists of three interestingly-shaped rocky peaks, namely, Nambong, Cheobong,
and Cheopbong, and is regarded as the best among the Eight Scenic Views of Danyang. A nearby
music fountain attracts many visitors.
Address : 644-33, Sambong-ro, Maepo-eup
Phohne : 043-422-30377

Danuri Aquarium

Danuri Aquarium displays about 300 species of freshwater fish in a variety of fish tanks, the
largest of which is 8m in height.
Address : 111, Subyeon-ro, Danyang-eup
Phone : 043-420-2951~6
Homepage :

Danyang Stamp Tour
Visitors can receive gift vouchers and souvenirs, after visiting sixteen famous tourist
attractions in Danyang and filling up a stamp book with stamps from each site.
Venue: Danyang Tourist Information Center
(※ Available until gift vouchers and souvenirs run out.)
Address : 43, Darian-ro, Danyang-eup
Phone : 043-422-1146

Referred from : Chungbuknadri

충북, 단양, 소백산국립공원, 다리안관광지, 태백산맥, 고수동굴, 온달동굴, 도담삼봉, 다누리아쿠아리움, 단양스탬프투어, 忠清北道, 丹陽
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