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Holiday Journal
Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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Ilsan, Paju #3 - Kart Land, Heyri Art Village - (Korea Tour)
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旅行地区 : South Korea
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  • One Mount Mall
  • Paju's Provence
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After waking up, I decided to look around the hotel Jijihyang.

It's not fancy, it just looks like a residence.

This is a spacious lobby.

There are books and comfortable sofas, and big speakers where you can listen to music.

If I have to think of a flaw here, there is no other facility for guests.
There is no restaurant inside and no laundry service. Nonetheless, there is a convenient store on the first floor and café beside it so it was comfortable and convenient enough.

The advantage is that you can save money since you're using a convenient store rather than restaurants or etc.

This is Jijihyang's outside together with Publication Complex.

There is no high building and are only some buildings around. It felt like I was in a city of the United States.

You can see a signboard which suits for Publication Land. “People make books and books make people."

I felt touched. I should read some books.

Publication Complex is a very quiet place. If you like quiet place, I suggest you here. You'll feel healed from cities. But if you like fancy and many facilities, I think other place is more suitable for you.

I was headed to Heyri. Before you go to Heyri, there is a place where you can experience karts so I went here first.

They are mini cars with two distinctions—for racing and non-racing. It's constructed in a simply way such as frame, engine, seat, and tire. The car floor is 4cm high from the road so you can enjoy safely.

The car itself is too low and it's open to the outside so the speed you'll feel is faster than actual speed. So if you drive it, you'll feel like you're the driver of F1.

It is 6 minutes at a time. It's quite short, but the oil is too expensive nowadays so there is nothing we can do. If you like this, I think you should try at least twice.


Address : 355, Seongdong-ri, Paju-si, Gyeongki-do (경기도 파주시 탄현면 성동리 355‎)

Telephone : 031 - 944 - 9736

Operating hour : 09:00 – 19:00

Homepage :

Heyri Art Village 헤이리 예술마을

Next destination is Heyri art village where many artists built cultural art area and had been doing some art works together.

The village name is originated from Paju's traditional song, Heyri Sori.

There are various places like houses, workrooms, gallery, concert hall, and etc. I was thinking about how to start, but I saw some packages in the ticket booth. There is no entrance fee to the village, but there are entrance fees in some areas.

It's really huge. You have to be ready to walk. But if it's not summer, I think it's not bad to walk around.

I started to look around the village.

There is a café.

There are some rides.

I think it will take me more than two days to look around the whole village. So I went to only some places. First place was museum of old things. How old is the “old"?

There are ugly brothers' dolls in the entrance. There was an old atmosphere already.

You can see small store and restaurant(?) as you enter.

There are adulterated food and cheap toys back in past. You can see the things you can't find anymore. I bought some of them and ate them while touring around.

They also sell the old lunch box. I wanted to eat, but I only watched people eating because I just ate a while ago.

There are more foods to eat inside the museum.

Old people would know those things in the picture even without explanation.

Next is toy museum. This yellow shuttle bus you see in the picture below operates in Heyri. Many people ride it during summer.

There are figures of famous movies and animations. I wondered how they collected them all.

There is a place where you can simply try and experience.

There was the famous food in past which was sugar bbopgi. Many people tried it.

This is Heyri with lots of foods and things to see. There are Safari, pottery workshop, and garlic bread bakery of Provence.

I went to movie museum. The big shark at the entrance caught my eyes. Maybe it's jaws, isn't it?

Busts of Terminator, Charles Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and etc. and posters, and props of famous movies are displayed. Moreover, there is a place where you can make sound effect.

I took a rest at the café. If you want to tour around Heyri, you should take some rest at the time.

Isn't the café's inside a bit different from others?

After having a break, I started to tour around again. There were so many things to see.

There were no buildings in a same design. Each building was built in the style of each artist.

This is a music hall created by Anchor Hwang In Young. Its name is Camerata. You can request a place you want and listen. I didn't try it, but I want to try it next time.

Pretty café and galleries.

I went to an instrument museum this time. There was an accessory workshop beside.

There were so many instruments I had never heard of. I could even try some instruments here. They didn't just display instruments, but also dolls holding them so it was easy to understand.

I finished my tour in Heyri. I wanted to go more places in Heyri village, but I believed that I would visit here again so I kept those places for next time.


Address : 1652, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (경기도 파주시 탄현면 법흥리1652‎)

Telephone : 031-946-8551

Open hours : 10:00 – 18:00

Homepage :

Restaurant Robin's Forest 로빈의 숲

Before I leave Paju, I heard there was a delicious barbeque restaurant so I went there to eat something. The restaurant was bigger than expected and it was kinda expensive.

They made the kitchen transparent to show them roasting the meat. Isn't the barbequed meat best?

It's not cheap, but they're using good meat so I ordered some.

Everything was already roasted. Dock and port were cut, and beef, sausages, and shrimps were cut by the server. There were pine needles under the meats.

This was the table set. Unlike other restaurants, they don't serve fresh vegetables rather they serve salad and seasoned vegetables. Side dishes were clean and delicious. As a dessert, they serve nureungji or noodle.

The good things about this restaurant were that you can try five kinds of barbeques and the restaurant was big and clean. It also had a trail outside the restaurant.

But I personally think that other restaurants were better than here. It was a good place to try for once, not for twice. I think it's more appropriate for families with children or old people and foreigners.


Address : 792-34, Galhyeon-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (경기도 파주시 탄현면 갈현리 792-34)

Telephone : 031-945-1999

Open hours : 10:00 – 22:00

Homepage :

I ended my tight trip in Ilsan and Paju. Unexpectedly, there were many things to see, play, and buy even though I didn't go to tourist spots related to North Korea.
If you plan to go here for a day trip, you should choose and decide carefully to have a fun trip. Furthermore, you have to plan depending on your transportation whether you'll bring a car or use public transportation so that you'll be not having hard time and will have a good trip.

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