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Ssanggokgugok Valley & Hwayanggugok Valley 쌍곡구곡,화양구곡

Ssanggokgugok and Hwayanggugok Valleys are loved by many hikers because they create a splendid harmony with the dense forest and preserve the natural environment very well.

Ssanggokgugok Valley Ssanggok-ri, Chilseong-myeon
칠성면 쌍곡리
Hwayanggugok Valley Hwayang-ri, Cheongcheon-myeon
청천면 화양리

Yongchu Falls 용추폭포

Sagimak-ri, Cheongcheon-myeon
청천면 사기막리

Seonyugugok Valley 선유구곡


516, Gwanpyeong-ri, Cheongcheon-myeon
청천면 관평리 516

Kolon Sports Camping Park 코오롱스포츠 캠핑파크

Located at the skirt of Songnisan Mountain, Kolon Sport Camping Park offers many camping
programs, allowing visitors to experience camping adventures easily and conveniently. It
provides a private space equipped with camping facilities as well as outdoor play facilities.


San 14-1, Gwanpyeong-ri, Cheongcheon-myeon
청천면 관평리 산14-1

Referred from : Chungbuknadri

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