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Birthplace of Yuk Young-su 육영수생가

Also known as Gyodongjip, this Korean traditional house is where Yuk Young-su, the wife of

former president Park Chung-hee, was born and raised. Restored in 2010, the house displays

photos of the former first lady and various household items.


119, Hyangsu-gil, Okcheon-eup

옥천읍 향수길 119

Jeong Jiyong Literature Gallery 정지용문학관

Okcheon is the hometown of the poet Jeong Ji-yong, the composer of Hyangsu (Nostalgia), one of the greatest poems in Korean literature. The thatched house in which he was born, and a literary house that introduces his poems are situated in the town.


99, Jungang-ro, Okcheon-eup

옥천읍 중앙로 99

Referred from : Chungbuknadri

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