Sunchang #1 - Gangcheon Mountain County Park 1 - (Korea Tour)
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Already past the noon, I arrived at the first destination, 「Gangcheon Mountain County Park」 which is an attraction of Sunchang. Gangcheon Mountain is located in not far northern west side from Sunchang downtown. This mountain is a kind of small mountain with an elevation of 583m, but it has various landscapes as many as in the other large mountains. These landscapes attract many tourists throughout the year.

I arrived at the bus parking lot. There is a tourist information center of Sungchang-gun beside the parking lot. It offers information only about Sunchang-gun. Information brochures about Gangcheon Mountain are prepared at the ticket office. It would be better to go washroom first before the departure rather than go around the center. I was very surprised that even in the summer, the water in the washroom was so cold like the ice in midwinter. This is the dignity of water in the valley~.

On the way to the ticket office from the parking lot, I saw many restaurants were lying along both sides. You can see some people are touting on the street probably because there are so many restaurants in the narrow district. There is a small parking lot near the ticket office so if you visit her by car, it would be better to pass by this street to avoid touts.

As the lunch time passed already, I feel hunger so much because of strong smell of food but I prefer appreciating the view rather than having a meal for the first schedule. After passing by the restaurant street and walking more, there are 「Shinseondae」 on the right and the ticket office of Gangcheon Mountain. The admission is 3,000 won for adults.

I read the map that I had received at the ticket office. It's impressive that there are many waterfalls than in any other valleys. Today's travel course is a round trip between Management office~Gujanggun waterfalls that provides most of main attractions in the mountain.

In fact, it's embarrassing to call this way as a hiking trail because it has very flat slopes. I could enjoy wonderful views effortlessly. This might be another attraction of the Gancheon Mountain.

After crossing a bridge over the valley, there is a welcoming stone. I've seen many national parks and provincial parks, but this is a county park… The Gangcheon Mountain County Park is the first county park in Korea.

The name Gangcheon was inspired by the founder of Pungsujiri(Geomancy) theory, Doseon Guksa's saying, 'A valley that has the beauty like rolling down jades'. Two streams from the Gangcheon Mountain are the root of lifelines of Jeolla-do, Seomjin River and Yeongsan River.

This mountain have had outstanding scenery of the valley from the past. It's also close to Naejang Mountain which is famous for the fall foliage, so the red and yellows in late fall is one of the most wonderful landscapes. Cherry blossoms of the mountain are in full bloom in the spring and it's so verdant in the summer. These might be the reasons that Gangcheon Mountain is always crowded.

We were walking from the entrance enjoying the valley water and the real view turned out in front of us. The first attraction is Byeongpung Waterfall fluttering with white spouts. The Byeongpung waterfall winding Byeongpung rock like silk is a 40m high waterfall. The quantity of the falling water is 5 tons per minute. A small waterfall beside the Byeongpung waterfall is a service.

When I approached close in with the waterfall, my whole body got cool and moist with much spray. The spray from the waterfall humidifies my camera as well, so I couldn't take closer pictures of the waterfall. Later, I heard a saying that stabbed me in the back. “This Byeongpung waterfall is an artificial waterfall~!!"

As I did in front of the Byeongpung waterfall, I crossed many bridges taking the Gangcheon Mountain course. If you have a near view of the bridges, all the guardrails are shaped like Gochujang things. Come to think of it, where is here? Sunchang that is famous for Guchujang(Hot pepper paste)!

The guardrails look like Gochu(Hot pepper), Meju(Block of fermented soybeans), as well as jars for hot pepper paste. Finding these little things might be another interesting way to enjoy the Gangcheon Mountain.

There is also a special experience in this mountain. It's the walking barefoot along the 2.5km long red clay road from Byeongpung waterfall~Gujanggun waterfall. I've heard walking barefoot is pretty helpful for the health but… It's funny that the information sign about walking barefoot looks like an advertisement for selling the cure-all of medical salesman in the countryside. It made me laugh.

As walking along the road, I met a lot of couples and families who are walking on barefoot. It's too bad that I couldn't experience this cure-all function, because of my heavy bag.

When we came back to the Byeongpung waterfall after having finished the course of walking barefoot, there was a place that we could wash our feet. You can wash your feet after stepping on the red clay road as much as you like.

Although you miss this place, you can put your feet into the clear water of the valley running along the road. Unlike other parks, this Gangcheon Mountain County Park allows playing in the mountain valley.

When I came up the valley along the relatively tranquil red clay road, there are two large blackboards on both sides of the road. Many visitors had left their messages.

Actually I really didn't like that some tourists damage natural attraction carving their name on it, but it seems a good idea to calm this bad habit.

It will be the wonderful dating course for couples with leaving the love message on the blackboard, sitting on the bench located under huge rocks and looking at the valley together.

On the corner of the valley, there is a Yeonrimok which symbolizes the love. This tree is strongly twisted as though it won't be separated ever.

Water of the valley flowing along the side sometimes joins waterfalls and sometimes flows quietlyunder the calm bridge.

In another place, water becomes dark emerald pools where fishes play. I could see various views all the way up the course.

On the hill of the left side of valley, 「Monument for Hoemun Mountain Battle」 to commemorate the battle with partisans who had remained in South Korea after Korean War. It stands lonely without much interest from people.

After passing by Cheonu waterfall, I went deep inside the mountain. Rocks patched with moss, rather than wide space to have fun in the water, appeared one after another.

I just thought I might have been on the half way of the course. I was going through 「Gangcheonmun」 that stood on the middle of the walking path. The temple will show up soon.

Around a vacant lot, many stone towers that you can see often in the temple piled up. On top of the stone tower, a dragonfly replaces the stone that piled up with hope.

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