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Olle Trail and other tourist attraction recommendations, Jeju-do - (Travel Info Korea)
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The largest island in South Korea.

The only special self-governing province in South Korea.

The southernmost of South Korea.

The world famous volcanic island.

The hub connecting the continent(Russia, China) and the ocean(Japan, Southeast Asia)

The world famous holiday island with beautiful natural landscape.

The oval island with 73km from east to west, 31km from north to south.

The 181km road and 258km coastal line.

The temperate climate that barely drops below zero degrees Celsius in winter.

The kingdom of oreums and the heaven of insects.

The repository of plants with a subtropical plant, a temperate plant and a polar plant around Hallasan mountain.

Olle Trail

Olle trail is the trail of Jeju island. Olle means “narrow alley from main street to front entrance” in Jeju dialect. It began after journalist Seomyeongsuk got impression from Camino de Santiago, Spain. It is supervised by Jeju Olle corporation. Since the first course (from Siheung elementary school to Gwangchigi beach, total 15km) was constructed in 8th, September, 2007, 21 courses have been created until November, 2012. So you can walk around the outskirts of Jeju island. In addition, there are five alpha courses. Each course is about 15km and the total length is about 422km. Generally, it takes five to six hours. Along the coastal area of Jeju, it consists of alley, mountain path, field path, seashore road and oreum. Some courses turn around small islands of Jeju.

(Data source : wikipedia)

For inquiries

Contact information: 064-739-0815


Geomunoreum Tracking Course

Geomunoreum tracking course. The perfect harmonization with the nature.

Main Trail

Taegeuk-gil(8km, advance reservation required)

Lava canyon→ the habitat of Japanese aucuba, Japanese star anise→ crater observatory→ Japanese army cave stronghold→ charcoal kiln site→ Punghyeol→ volcanic bomb→ logistics road→ lava Hammokku vegetation→ Geomunoreum vertical cave→ the 9th yong→ the 8th yong→ the 7th yong→ the 6th yong→ the 5th yong→ the 4th yong→ the 3rd yong→ the 2nd yong→ the first yong lava road(5km, open on the period of special event, advance reservation required)→ Geomunoreum vertical cave→ charcoal kiln site→ the habitat of gasitali→ Bengdwigul cave→ Dauiyeon


  • Address: Seonheul-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si
  • Contact information: 064-784-0456 (Geomunoreum hiking information center)

    Advance reservation required. You should pass Ujindong, Dongbu sight-seeing road, Seonheul-ri, climb the hill and go to the site where oreum tombstone is erected in front of Budaeak.

    **Advance reservation to Geomunoreum hiking information center required. (Close on Tuesday)

    **Advance reservation for visiting required prior to two days on the phone, prior to five days on the internet. (restricted 300 people a day)

    •Website :

    Saryeoni Woodland Path

    The forest for healing and meditation

    Saryeoni woodland path

    Main Trail

    Rosebay forest→ the children of Saewannae→ Dream forest→ Walden(the forest for healing and meditation)→ Red-leaved hornbeam forest(the forest for decorating)→ Ambanyok→ Deobureo forest→ Redwood forest→ Saryeonioreum



  • Address: Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si~ Hannam-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si
  • Contact information: 064-728-3591 (Greens of park department, Jeju-si)

    064-760-3051(Greens of park department, Seogwipo-si)

    **Advance reservation for visiting Jeju experimental forest(in the direction of Saryeonioreum):

    Contact information of the warm temperature zone forest research institute: 064-732-8222~5839

    Green Experiment Farm Village

    Yerae ecological village (Sangye-dong, Seogwipo-si)

    Glittering glow of a firefly



    Experiment time: Open year-round(experiment programs are different according to season)

    Representative experience: Harvesting agricultural products(tangerine, sweet potato, etc.)

    Contact information: 064-738-6613



    Altosan village(Tosan-2ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si)

    What exists far beyond the horizon?



    Experiment time: In summer

    Representative experience: Harvesting corns and tangerines.

    Contact information: 064-787-4455



    Gyorae Samdasu Village (Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si)

    I want to roll about on a vast field



    Experiment time: In spring and summer

    Representative experience: Sangtaeoreum experience, riding, tour through Samdasu factory

    Contact information: 064-782-1746



    Jersey Village(Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si)

    Eco village where the nature and cultural art coexist



    Experiment time: Open year-round

    Representative experience: Agriculture experience(potato, tomato, corn, kiwi fruit, etc), Cooking sujebi and tadpole noodles, Making natural soap

    Contact information: 070-7098-4111



    Jangjeon Village (Jangjeon-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si)

    Embrace the nature



    Experiment time: In fall and winter

    Representative experience: Agriculture experience(tangerine, sweet potato, etc.), Farm experience(Halla ecological experience school), Making natural soap and persimmon vinegar

    Contact information: 064-799-6669


    Dongkwang Village(Donggwang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si)

    Oreumi Areumda Village



    Experiment time: In spring and fall

    Representative experience: Agriculture experience(bean, potato, etc), Traditional culture experience(grinding grain in a millstone, making a straw)

    Contact information: 064-794-2298



    Onpyung Honinji Pond Honinji Pond Village(Onpyeong-ri, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si)

    A beautiful legend with blossoming water lily



    Experiment time: Open year-round(experiment programs are different according to season)

    Representative experience: Harvesting agricultural products(tangerine, sweet potato, etc.), Making a straw, Folk culture experience(Honinji pond, Spring water, etc)

    Contact information: 064-784-8766



    Cheongsu-7ri Experience Village(Cheongsu-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si)

    The place where the nature and the history alive



    Experiment time: Open year-round(experiment programs are different according to season)

    Representative experience: Eco-friendly farming experience(functional vegetables, etc), Historical culture experience, woodcraft and Seokppujak experience

    Contact information: 064-773-1949



    Seongeup Folk Village(Seong-eup-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si)

    The place where historical consciousness of locals alive



    Experiment time: Open year-round

    Contact information: 064-787-1179



    Namwon-2ri(Namwon-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si)

    The village with plentiful tangerines



    Experiment time: In spring and fall

    Representative experience: Farming experience(cultivating tangerines, and experiencing plastic film-house cultivation, etc)

    Contact information: 064-764-0187


    Paradise Village(Mureung-2ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si)

    Here is the paradise



    Experiment time: Open year-round(experiment programs are different according to season)

    Representative experience: Prehistoric culture experience(lookout shed, dolmen, etc)

    Farming experience(tangerine, potato, etc), Traditional culture experience(Jeju Culture & Ecology Experience Village)

    Contact information: 070-8888-7966



    Yusuam Village(Yusuam-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si)

    Let's enjoy peaceful scenery of a countryside in middle mountainous area



    Experiment time: Open year-round

    Representative experience: Making pottery, traditional wine and Jeju-style buckwheat pancake

    Contact information: 064-799-2209


    Climbing Hallasan Mountain

    Seongpanak Parasitic Cone Trail

    Level of difficulty★★★☆


    You can feel the atmosphere of forest a lot, but it is hard to climb due to long distance and steep slope. I recommend it to those who are ready to climb Hallasan mountain.

    Transportation: Via 5.16 road(toward Seogwipo) from Jeju countryside bus terminal

    Contact information: The guide for Seongpanak parasitic cone trail (064-725-9950)

    Gwaneumsa Temple Trail

    Level of difficulty★★★★☆


    It is notorious for steep slope and long distance. Professional mountaineers more visit here than ordinary people since it causes exhaustion of physical strength, 30 percent more than other trails.

    However, it shows off the best landscape of Hallasan mountain, so many people climb here again.

    Transportation: Bus goes to Gwaneumsa temple. (line No.77 Jedae- Gwaneumsa temple- Tamna Training Institute/ beginning at 6:30a.m., every 40~50 minutes/operated only on weekends and national holiday)

    Contact information: the guide of Gwaneumsa temple trail(064-756-9950)

    Youngsil Trail

    Level of difficulty★★☆


    It is the shortest course toward Baengnokdam crater lake, so it is easy to climb. But you cannot climb to Baengnokdam crater lake since it is open only to Wisse oreum. You can see the proud of

    Hallasan mountain, Youngsil curious rock and Seonjakjjiwat instead. So it is best place for old couples and newlyweds.

    Contact information: the guide of Youngsil trail(064-747-9950)

    Eorimok Trail

    Level of difficulty★★★


    There are some uphill roads, but it is easy to climb. In particular, you can enjoy the snowy scene, covered with snow on vast meadow in winter. It is sorry, however, that you cannot see Baengnokdam crater lake since you can only climb to Wisse oreum.

    Transportation: Via 1100 road(toward Jungmun-gil) from Jeju countryside bus terminal

    Contact information: the guide of Eorimok trail (064-713-9950~3)

    Donnaeko Trail

    Level of difficulty★★


    It is a long course beginning from Seogwipo. After the reconstruction since December 2009, it shows new beautiful landscape to mountain climbers. It shows off dense forest which looks like a jungle of tropical rain forest, and gentle slope. You'd better enjoy vacation in the campground of Donnaeko valley.

    Transportation: Ride Jeju countryside bus terminal via 5.16 road(toward Seogwipo), and get off the bus in Seogwipo science high school. One hour on foot. Use No.3 bus from center R to Donnaeko.

    Contact information: the guide of Donnaeko trail (064-710-6920~3)

    Leisure Sports Travel

    Jeju has the sea with 20 degrees all year around, and its ocean scenery is awesome. The sea around Moonsum island and Bumsum island is the best place to enjoy scuba diving.

    Reference: Whoever can give a challenge regardless of swimming ability.

    You must not miss the chance to exploring Jeju's sea where you can see the landscape 40 meters

    below the sea, and wrecked ship in Korea. You should never forget the wonderful submarine topography of Jeju.

    Reference: You must prepare medicine for seasickness.

    If you want to run vast meadow, you'd be better to enjoy riding in Jeju. The wind of Jeju that you feel on the horse is totally different from others.

    Reference: Do not stand in the backside of horse since you can be attacked anytime.

    It is thrilling just by imagining that you fly the sky like a bird with cool wind. The imagination can be realized in Jeju.

    Reference: Long sleeved shirts and pants are required.

    Moreover, you can enjoy jetboat, yacht, parasailing, ATV, cart, hunting in Jeju.

    Contact information: Jeju Tourist Information Center 064-740-6000 / 064-1330


    The map of Jeju island that introduces tourist attractions and delicious restaurants/Safety is the top priority! Gloves, Knee pads, Helmet/It's going to rain. Don't worry about it! Raincoat, Cap, Plastic bag to cover your bag/ Some snacks, Coffee, Sports drinks/Headlight and taillight for riding at night/Bicycle lock, rope, first-aid medicine, travel note, camera, etc.

    2~3 hours course

    Jeju-si→ Yongduam Rock → Iho coast road→ Dodubong→ Iho→ Teu beach(for round trip)

    One day course

    Jeju-si→ Yongduam Rock → Iho coast road→Hagwi→ Aewal coast road(natural stone salt pond, darak rest area)→ Aewal observatory→ Hyeopjae beach

    Two nights and three days course

    one night: Jeju-si→ Yongduam Rock& Yongyeon→ Hamdok seoubong beach

    two night: Gimnyeong~Seongsan coast road(windmill village, habitat for migratory birds)→ Udo Island(Udobong, Dongangyeonggul cave, Seobinbaeksa beach)→ Seopjikoji beach→ Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone→ Darangswi oreum→ Bijarim forest→ Jeju-si

    Recommended accommodations

    one night: Sunshine hotel, Badamaeul leisure pension, Daryeodo leisure pension, HILL HOUSE MOTEL, Ssieko beach

    two night: Haeoreum hill

    Three night four days course

    one night: Jeju-si Yongduam Rock~Iho coastal road→ Hagwi~ Aewol coastal road(natural stone salt pond, darak rest area)→ Hyeopjae beach(hanrim park)

    two night: Songaksan→ Sanbangsan mountain& Yongmeori beach→ Jungmun Tourist Complex(Jusangjeolli cliff, the hill of shiri, teddy bear museum)→ Worldcup stadium

    three night: Soesokkak estuary(Sogeumak)→ Namwonkeuneong coast tempe→ Jeju folk village museum→ Kim Young-gap gallery→ Seopjikoji beach→ Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone→ Seongsan ~Gimnyeong coast road(windmill village, habitat for migratory birds)→Hamdok seoubong beach→ Yongduam Rock& Yongyeon→ Jeju-si

    Recommended accommodations

    one night: Ilseong condo, Sky hotel, Jeju Geumgangsan condo, Juniper home garden, Hill tower

    two night: Hyatt Regency Jeju, Jeju Silla hotel, Ssieseu hotel and resort

    three night: Phoenix island

    Let's go with the wind

    Coast road travel

    Best date course for couples, coast road(Yongdam-Iho)

    Tourist attractions: Yongduam rock/ Ioteu beach

    Course: Jeju-si→ Yongduam rock→ Yongdam leports park→ Dodu→ Leehodong avenue

    The coast road with wild Jeju(Hagwi-Aewol)

    Tourist attractions: Gwakjji gwamul beach

    Course: Jeju-si→ Hanrim park→ Gwakjji gwamul beach

    The coast road with awesome sunset(Sinchang)

    Tourist attractions: Chagwido/Jagune port

    Course: Jeju-si→ the entrance of Chagwido→ Jagune port

    The coast road which looks like a beautiful watercolor painting(Gosan-Ilgwa-ri)

    Tourist attractions: Suwolbong peak/ Gosan-ri prehistoric site

    Course: Jeju-si→ Suwolbong peak→ Ilgwa-ri

    The coast road harmonized with the nature(Sagye)

    Tourist attractions: Songaksan/Hamo beach/Hemel merchant ship gallery/Hwasun beach/Yongmeori beach/Sanbangsan mountain/Hyeongjeseom Island

    Course: Jeju-si→ o'sulloc tea museum→ Songaksan→ Hyeongjeseom Island

    The coast road with a stone wall(Pyoseon)

    Tourist attractions: Pyoseon beach/ Pyoseon folk village museum

    Course: Jeju-si→ Pyoseon folk village museum→ Pyoseon beach→ Haevichi hotel→ Guest house

    The dynamic coast road changing all over the season(Sewha-Jongdal)

    Tourist attractions: Memorial monument for Anti-Japanese Jeju woman divers' movement/Jongdal-ri shell gathering fishery/Udo island/Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone/Seopjikoji beach/Sinyang beach/Honinji pond/Ilchulland

    Course: Jeju-si→ Tokkiseom island→ Udo island→ Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone→ Ilchulland

    The exotic coast road with windmill (Gimnyeong-Haengwon)

    Tourist attractions: Gimnyeong beach/Manjanggul cave/Maze Park/Red pond and hub farm

    Course: Jeju-si→ Gimnyeong beach→ windmill village

    The coast road along peaceful sea(Hamdok)

    Tourist attractions: Hamdokseoubong beach/ Jocheonmanse dongsan

    Course: Jeju-si→ Hamdokseoubong beach→ sinheung ri→ Jocheonmanse dongsan

    済州, オルレギル, 제주도, 올레길, 추천여행지, 거문오름트레킹코스, 태극길, 사려니, 숲길, 녹색, 농촌, 체험, 마을, 예래생태마을, 알토산마을, 교래삼다수마을, 저지마을, 장전마을, 동광마을, 온평혼인지마을, 청수7리, 체험마을, 성읍민속마을, 남원2리, 무릉도원마을, 유수암마을, 성판악, 등산로, 관음사, 영실, 어리목, 돈내코, 스쿠버다이빙, 유람선잠수함, 승마, 패러글라이딩, 자전거여행, 해안도로여행, Olle, Trail, tourist, attraction, recommendations, Jejudo, Geomunoreum, Tracking, Course, Taegeukgil, Saryeoni, Woodland, Path, Green, Experiment, Farm, Village, Yerae, ecological, village, Altosan, Gyorae, Samdasu, Jersey, Jangjeon, Dongkwang, Onpyung, Honinji, Pond, Cheongsu7ri, Experience, Seongeup, Folk, Namwon2ri, Paradise, Yusuam, Climbing, Hallasan, Mountain, Seongpanak, Parasitic, Cone, Gwaneumsa, Temple, Youngsil, Eorimok, Donnaeko, Leisure, Sports, Travel, Coast, road, travel
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