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Baengnyeonok, a tofu restaurant love for its blandness
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Last Modified : 2020/05/30

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Across from the Seoul Art Center, I went to Baengnyeonok, which is a famous tofu restaurant. 'Baengnyeonok(Baek-nyeon-ok)' means 'hundred-years-house', Don't you feel the proud from the name of it?

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Baengnyeonok has been expanded to the main building, the new building, and two annexes. I can imagine how much love they have received.

As a COVID-19 confirmed patient has visited this place, there is a notice showing that the disinfection has been completed.

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It is also selected as the Michelin Guide for the 2019 Bib Gourmand.

This makes me can't help but raise expectations. When I expect too much, I may be disappointed, which makes me half worried and half excited.

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At the entrance of the restaurant, there are pictures and prices of each menu. It's kindly written how many servings it is for.

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One of my big concern about a restaurant is cleanliness.

This restaurant shows that they are receiving a Cesco sterilization service. There is also hand sanitizer at the counter.

You can see that this restaurant cares about cleanliness as much as it's famous.

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The inside of the restaurant is clean from top to bottom. Even on the floor where many people come and go, it was clean without any stains.

The staffs were wearing latex gloves. This cleanliness enhances the restaurant's reliability.

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There are meal menu and delicacy menu which is good with a glass of alcohol.

Tofu is an indispensable ingredient in Korean food. Bland tofu is very useful because spices and condiments easily permeate in it. Therefore, in most goods, tofu plays supporting roles rather than the main character. However, Baengnyeonok is a 'Tofu Restaurant' that puts tofu on the front. I was curious about the most pure taste of tofu, so I ordered a 'natural Sundubu(soft tofu)' with nothing else added.

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There are some restaurants with many customers serve faster. Maybe because the menu I ordered doesn't need to be cooked, it really served at the speed of light. It comes with seasoned bean sprouts, spicy cabbage salad, and two pots.

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There are seasoned shredded radish and seasoned seaweed. I can take as much as I want using tongs.

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So I am ready to eat. That's simple table setting.

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First, I taste soft tofu with nothing added. I don't really like bean-soup noodles or bean-soup but sometimes eat soft tofu stew. That means I don't have a preference for soft tofu itself.

However, the soft tofu in Baengnyeonok broke my prejudice. While the soft tofu I see on the market has a pudding-like texture, the soft tofu here is lumpy and it has light and savory taste.

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Still it's a bit too much to just eat the soft tofu itself, so I try it with some sauce on it. The little bit salty and sweet soy sauce flavor goes well with soft tofu.

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The side dishes were all neat and delicious, especially the crispy texture and the ocean smell of seaweed were perfect with soft tofu.

Seaweed also neutralizes toxin in tofu.

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This radish salad goes very well with soft tofu with its chewy texture and sweetish taste of radish. Since soft tofu is an ingredient that goes well with everything, it is a good combination with all side dishes.

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On the way out, I found that they have been selected as Michelin guide restaurant in 2020 as well. Baengnyeonok is also serving free meals to elderly people living alone.

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'Sun(純)' in sundubu means 'pure' in Chinese character. It's a food that actually fits this word. It was a good meal which I could feel the charm of pure white tofu.

  • Food ★★★★☆

The simplicity that breaks the prejudice for soft tofu that we have known so far.

  • Cleanliness ★★★★★

Cares very much for cleanliness and disinfection

  • Service ★★★☆☆


  • Ambience ★★★★☆

It's simple and neat with nice lights and interior design

  • Accessibility ★★★★☆

Walk eight minutes from exit 4-1 of Nambu Terminal station on line 3. Valet parking is available for 2,000 won

  • Open Hours: 10:00~21:00(Closed on Holidays)
  • Recommending number of person: Doesn't matter
  • Recommending: Every soft tofu(If you don't like bean-soup, order stews instead), Nokdujeon(mung bean pancake) is good snack for a glass of alcohole
  • Value: 10,000 and little more per 1 person
  • Amenities: Packing, separated rest rooms by gender


Address: 1450-6 Seocho 3-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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