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Himeji, the holy land of Japanese-style curry
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Last Modified : 2020/06/12

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Yeonnam-dong alley street is fun to walk.

You may not forget about it for long time if you see all those small shops.

This restaurant is also located in an alley and not much visible, but it seems like a good restaurant is bound to be visited by many customers.

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I was bewildered when I first tried to find it on the main street, but I should have to go into the alley with a pharmacy next to the convenience store at the three-way street.

Looking from outside the restaurant, I suddenly felt this is like 'Midnight Diner (Japanese TV series)'.

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I heard that there is a deep-tasting Japanese curry here.

The size of the restaurant is small, so it would be nice to come with a date. Of course it would be good to eat alone.

It's little early for lunch, so there were no much people yet, but it's usually so popular and we have to wait in line.

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There are some bar seats in the restaurant and most of the seats are floor seats on tatami.

Since there are no much customers now, I'm taking a table and feel the atmosphere.

I take off my shoes and take my seat then took a look outside, it feels cozy.

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Soy souce noodles are sold a lot, but I still want to order curry rice, the signature menu.

Finally I ordered double donkatsu curry rice because I was so hungry.

I saw that many other customers ordering fried shrimps.

I'll add fired shrimps instead of ordering double next time.

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The food was handed over from the kitchen through a small window

in the direction of the tatami.

This is the reason I won't order double next time. It's bigger than I expected, it's very generous here!

The curry tastes rich because it is cooked with a lot of vegetables. I think this might be a home-style curry.

Donkatsu is not just sitting on curry for appearance, but the meat is thick and yummy.

It's closed on Wednesdays.

15 minutes walk from exit 3 of Hongdae station and walk into a small alley right before a three-way street.


Address: 227-15 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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