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Rediscovery of caramel, ‘Maman Gateau’ Garosu-gil
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Last Modified : 2020/05/30

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These days, cafes are releasing special signature menus as well as drinks.

A stomach for a meal, another stomach for a dessert. Modern people with two stomachs go out after a meal to find a sweet dessert.

That’s how I get here, Maman Gateau, located in Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong!

‘Maman Gateau’ means ‘mom’s cookies’ and it’s a dessert cafe. They use French butter and natural yeast when they bake desserts.

And it is known as the first handmade caramel specialty cafe in Korea.

I’ve never heard of handmade caramel, so I was curious of it.

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Maman Gateau is in a beautiful building, which seemed to be is in an alley of Europe.

As the business district of Garosu-gil has developed, there are many stores where signboards are changing frequently, but Maman Gateau has been established for several years. I guess it’s because it has such a unique charm. Let’s dig into the charm today.

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A cafe greets you fist with a scent. When I opened the door, I could smell a soft caramel and coffee.

And then the mood. Spiced up some gold, marble, black tones on comfortable wooden floors. This shows off its modernity and luxury.

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As it’s a handmade caramel specialty cafe, caramels which made with craftsmanship are displayed like jewels.

They are making a variety of caramel mixed with various ingredients. It’s similar to handmade chocolate, isn’t it?

There are also various kinds and number of packaged sets, so it would be good for a gift.

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Do you see that towering figure in the middle of the menu? It is ‘Caramel Bingsu(ice flakes with caramel)’ and it looks like a fountain made of caramel.

I order caramel bingsu as if I’m possessed.

Then my eyes are back at the showcase again.

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I can’t just pass by that [No.1] sign.

I’m also ordering a tanned egg yolk-like caramel hazelnut tart.

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Ta-da! Isn’t this the happiest moment when you come to a cafe?

Caramel roll cake next to it is also very popular. Someone else ordered it, but it looks so nice, so I took a picture together with mine.

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It’s very like it’s wrapped in caramel, and I was thinking about where to start. Even the cake stand has a luxurious gold medal.

Just by looking at it, the process of making it seems to be very difficult.

It looks like it would be very easy to spill out the caramel by mistake and ruin it while making it.

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Wow! It looks pretty hard to make. Look at that caramel syrup hidden inside. What kind of magic did they cast to make this?

I had a bite and… This is something else than the caramel I knew!

The caramel I knew is an extreme sweetness that socked in sugar. This caramel is a mild and rich caramel that even feels fresh.

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Now, the long-awaited caramel ice flakes!

The price is 15,000 won, but it’s enough for two people.

If you are a big fan of ice flakes, you should come and try it!

Above all, this caramel ice flakes has a wide spectrum of flavors.

First, a piece of caramel with nuts on top welcomes you.

Then caramel ice cream sweetly and softly takes you to the next step.

Until here, I can smell the rich caramel flavor, than the ice flakes below it taste lighter.

So there is caramel syrup prepared on the side. You can add more syrup and relive the flavor.

Also, there are various nuts and components hidden in the cup , so you can enjoy it until the end.

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I finish by tasting a caramel cube. It’s raspberry caramel and… wow. Once again, it makes me wonder how caramel can be this harmonious.

Maman Gateau’s desserts are very satisfying. I can even say It’s a rediscovery of caramel.

But coffee is, Americano was disappointing. It was a bit bland, maybe because they were worried about the caramel flavor fades if coffee is strong.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful dessert cafe where You could feel the difference between handmade caramel and ordinary one.

  • Food ★★★★☆

A rediscover of caramel. Take long black coffee if you want coffee.

  • Cleanliness ★★★★☆

From the restaurant interior to the rest room are American standards. The rest room is rather narrow.

  • Service ★★★☆☆


  • Ambience ★★★★☆

Rather than enjoying the conversation, it's a fast-paced atmosphere

  • Accessibility ★★☆☆☆

It is 12 minutes walk from exit 8 of Sinsa Station on line 3. You may be lost on your first trip.

Valet parking is available.

  • Open hours: 12:00~22:00
  • Recommending for 1~3 person. It would be OK with yourself, still would be better tying various desserts with friends.
  • Recommending: Caramel flaked ice, Caramel hazelnut roll-cake. Caramel drink and handmade caramel if alone
  • Value: 5,000~7000 won for Drinks. About 10,000 for desserts
  • Amenities: Separated rest rooms by gender, Wifi(Passwords are on the receipt)


Address: Apgujeong-ro 4-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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