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Hobak juk 호박죽 (Pumpkin porridge) - (Korean Food)
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1. Ingredients

- Main ingredients: pumpkin, rice and water

- Side ingredient: sugar

2. Taste Evaluation

-Spicy taste: ☆☆☆☆☆

-Salty taste: ☆☆☆☆☆

-Sweet taste: ★★★★☆

-Sour taste: ☆☆☆☆☆

3. Introduction to Hobak juk 호박죽

Porridge is one of Korean traditional foods. It is made of various ingredients like finely ground grain, vegetables, meat and seafood. The texture of the food and the shape are similar to “Soup”. It is also similar to Chou of China and Zzok of Thailand.

Hobak juk and patjuk has often been selected to favorite Korean foods by foreigners. I think that is because many countries have foods like juk. I am going to introduce “Hobak juk”, the delicacy of winter, in detail.

Grains like rice(bab) and barley are the staple foods of Korea. Bab was originated from juk, which is made of water and various grains a long time ago. Since then, juk has been separated from bab, and has developed various kinds of foods. Hobak juk is the one.

Korean people express pumpkins very funny. People call little pumpkins as “aehobak(zucchini)” after adding the word “Ae” which means “a child”. And they call “neulgeun hoback(squash)” after green zucchini gets bigger and yellow.

Squash is delicious in early winter, especially. So people eat sweet hobak juk for winter delicacy.

Zucchini is green at first, but it gets bigger and yellow as time goes by.

Yellow squash is sweet and fragrant.

To make hobak juk, you should put finely ground rice and pumpkins in the water, and boil it well. And then, put some sugar so that it tastes sweet.

Thick yellow hobak juk stimulates everyone's appetite. Pumpkin is soft, sweet and fragrant.

There are various kinds of porridge in Korea. But foreigners like “hobak juk” the most. We should find the reason after trying it, right?

Porridge is a popular meal substitution food. People have it for breakfast as it is easy to eat in the morning. Why don't you have hobak juk for your breakfast?

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4. The kinds of hobak juk

Hobak juk is made of pumpkin, rice and sugar, basically. And some people put grains like adzuki beans or beans. Others put a small dumpling in red-bean gruel, a round glutinous rice cake, to make the porridge chewy. “danhobak juk(sweet pumpkin porridge)” is another kind of

hobak juk which has different taste.

5. The way to enjoy more delicious hobak juk

Warm porridge is more delicious than cold one as it is more soft. Hot hobak juk is so sweet and delicious. And it becomes more delicious when you add some salt.

Or, you can eat delicious hobak juk with salty side dishes like jangjorim(beef boiled down in soy sauce) or kimchi.

Why don't you enjoy more special taste?

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