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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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Daejeon Yuseong Market #1 - (Korea Tour)
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Daejeon Yuseong Market (Mar. 14, 2015)

Yuseong 5-day market in Daeseon is one of the biggest 5-day markets in the city along with Moran Market in Seongnam. It opens on the same days as Moran Market, days that end with the numbers of 4 and 9. By the day we went to the market from Seoul, spring had just come so the streets were more crowded with people than on national holidays. I’d like to say that Yuseong Market has almost everything you can expect from a market. It was incorporated into Daejeon in 1988 but there must be concerns of its disappearance at the time. However, more people started to come here and the size of the market is getting bigger every year.

When the market was open on weekends, the streets seem to be paralyzed with crowded cars. If you need to park your car, you’d better park around Yuseong Elementary School, although it’s a bit far, and walk about 5 minutes.

At the entrance to Yuseong Market, you’ll see a store selling broken sewing machine and brass ornaments. Brazen incense burners, cranes or half-length statues are waiting for their owners.

Old gong(jing) has a label of its price, 25,000 won on it. There can’t be one-price policy here, right?

And there are people who have things that nobody would ever need or buy.

A vendor wearing a jacket that looks like a tomato. lol

And there are special plants that make us healthy such as fruits of Chinese matrimony vines, linseeds and balsam apples. It’s 5-day market that keeps us healthy.

The display stands here are all small like this. It must take a whole day to sell this small amount, I guess.

The smile of young women who sells yellow flowers of spring looks just like those flowers.

And there are industrial products like anti-dandruff agent, hairdye and shampoo.

This street stall sells Seodae(grilled red tongue sole), hairtails and croakers.

And old snacks are sold here.

This one is very familiar from my childhood~ it’s called Senbei. Probably because it’s from Japan.

Yeot(taffy) that you have to break with a hammer. It’s been so long since I saw it last time.

So many books were there for those who are into gardening.

Different kinds of knives just come out of blacksmith’s workshop.

Belts and hoe, you can find ANYTHING.

Now I’m starting to wonder what kind of display stand this is. Can you see a chicken in the middle of various vegetables? lol

Grains are divided in baskets with the name and origin sign.

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