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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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NamHae #3 - DuMo town, SangJoo silversand beach, Boriam Hermitage - (Korea Tour)
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Rape blossom blooming DuMo town 두모마을

After having breakfast, we headed to the recommended tourist site called DuMo Town. It is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding because rape blossoms were planted on a massive terrace field.

It is known to be DuMo town because its features are graceful and the structure of the town is like a bean's ecology. It was nominated by the environmental deputy secretary as the most outstanding natural ecological town. Here, they farm without the use herbicide as an environmental friendly agricultural technique and at the clear beach; they collect clams and godong, various marine plants, and catch seasonal fishes which are ready to be eaten at the spot.

Just like other places in NamHae, the most common view you can find in DuMo town are rocks, Canola, and garlic.


Address: NamHaeGoon SangJuMyun YangAhRo 533 road number 18 남해군 상주면 양아로533번길 18

Silver powder sprinkled-like SangJu silversand beach 상주 은모래비치

It is introduced as a place where it has everything a beach needs. It may include original sand beach, soft sand, Clear Ocean, and islands that lie just in front your sight.When you take a look at the fine sand of this sandy beach, you will understand and nod why it is named to be silver sand beach. Because of the clam particles mixed in the fine sand, it adds more transparent feel to the sandy beach.

A woman's appearance best fits a beautiful beach. Just like an adorable woman walking barefoot on silver sand beach.

This place is known nationwide by the appearance of celebrity Cha InPyo and baseball player Park ChanHo as a venue in an entertainment show.

Since we spotted a tulip festival going on in our way to Mijo port, we were able to experience our first tulip in this spring.


Address: GyeongsangNamDo NamHaeGun SangJuMyun SangJuRi 1136-1 (경상남도 남해군 상주면 상주리 1136-1)

MiJoHang OhRyukDo Sushi place 미조항 오륙도횟집

MiJoHang is a port located at the southernmost part of NamHae. It is a place that makes you feel harder to spot a special restaurant since numerous number of seafood restaurants are built in a row. Fortunately, we were able to find a place named OhRyukDo Sushi Place and were able to taste a very mouth-watering cold raw fish soup. To compare the cold raw fish soup at a famous sushi place in Busan, we ordered the same menu.

We were able to feel that different kinds of grated fruits were added and how well the sauce of the soup was marinated.

The taste was excellent, the raw fish was fresh, and the texture of chewing some edible bone with the raw fish was also perfect. Personally, I liked it better with buckwheat noodles than with rice.


Address: GyeongSangNamDo NamHaeGoon MiJoMyun MiJoRi 111-2 (경상남도 남해군 미조면 미조리 111-2)

Boriam Hermitage 보리암

We were able to find the popular place, Boriam Hermitage which is included in the 3 main praying sites in Korea that believers look for everyday. The three praying sites are the following: GangWonDo NakSanSa HongYunAm, GyeongGi GangHwaDo Bomunsa temple and the Boriam hermitage.

It is known to exhibit vast praying power as there is an existing anecdote saying that the founder, Lee SungGye established Joseon right after doing the hundred day prayer.

Lotus lantern filled the sky since only few weeks were left before the Buddha arrives, may 6

Haesu Buddhist Goddess of Mercy is Baeui(white clothing) Goddess of Mercy of 33 Goddess of Mercies who takes care of a baby's birth and life, which is also called Baekcheojon because it is always sitting on a white lotus that symbolises cleanness.

Grand rocks and back view of Boriham hermitage will be seen as you reach the top of Geumsan located at the back of Boriam.

I'm very certain that stunning shots will be taken if one could stay in this area during sunrise.

The wearing sunset is shining on the perilously placed natural rock located at the back of Boriam Hermitage.

Flounder SsukGuk and sparkling wine – GyeongPo Sushi place 경포횟집

We visited the GyeongPo sushi place because it was just beside our lodge. Although there are of course more and trustworthy restaurants if we run on road for 40 minutes to MiJo port, we decided to visit this place seeing that there is an advantage where we could enjoy wine comfortably.

In fact, they also accepted two or more orders for Flounder SsukGuk. But I bargained by ordering 60000 worth of assorted raw fish and an order of Flounder SsukGuk which was all in all 80000 won.

Entirely, the seafood here delivered a neat feeling. It wasn't plenty but the taste was satisfactory.

The main other than the raw fish was the Flounder SSukGuk. As there is a saying “spring Flounder, autumn gizzard shad", you'll be able to taste the perfect combination of the fragrant and rich taste of spring Flounder cooked along with mugwort.


Address: GyeongSangNamDo NamHaeGoon NamMyun SeokGyoRi 348-4 (경상남도 남해군 남면 석교리 348-4)

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