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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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NamHae #2 - GaCheon terraced paddy field - (Korea Tour)
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Last Modified : 2017/03/24

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GaCheon terraced paddy field

We were able to find a terraced paddy field just 4 kilometers away from our lodge. Although this is a special tourist site, what caught my attention were the colorful rape blossoms and the simple panorama of the town.

We considered the atmosphere of this rape blossom planted inclined stair-like built masonry as somewhat ideally unique.

What made us joyful was the capability of having stones, flowers and the blue sky in one picture.

The path where A-frame carrying farmers used to cultivate has been changed to a road where tourists feel the beauty of analog.

If you go all the way through the road where A-frame farmers used to work, you will encounter the 'GaCheon AmSu boulder'. Its shape is not artificially carved but known to be the natural structure when it was first dug out from the ground. We predict that the virtue of fecundity received a lot of worships in the past.

The primary thing to do when you see one great scenery while traveling is not to capture the scene in your camera, but to sit and enjoy the view first. While you relax and pay attention to the nature, you'll be able to hear the calm breeze, the chirping of the birds, and the warm feeling of the sun.

It is a café ran by the talent WonSook Park. Unfortunately, we had to head back since the operating time is 10am onwards.

What added more to the attraction of GaCheon city were the colorful and affectionate designs of the guest houses. It may be uncomfortable to approach by car since it is built on an inclination where you can view the ocean, but we believe that the joy of what this simple and environmental friendly guest house is very special.


Address: GyungSanNamDO NamHaeGoon NamMyun HongHyunRi 898-5 (경상남도 남해군 남면 홍현리 898-5)

The free breakfast of HaeBeach pension

One of the stressful problems of travelers is that they have to prepare or buy breakfast for themselves. Luckily, breakfast was provided in this Haebeach pension.

First of all, if you enter the restaurant, the owner will serve you a freshly brewed quality coffee proficiently. We were able to enjoy the meal since she provided us some toasted white bread with strawberry jam. But, always remember that the breakfast offer is at 9am.

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