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Hi, Lets look around cool places in Korea together with me! :)
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Seoul #1 - Spring of Changgyeong Palace - (Korea Tour)
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Morning at the Changgyeong Palace

There are a lot of unique things in Seoul which are quite different from other cities. And the most unique thing not to be imitated is the palaces which have the 500 years history in Joseon Dynasty and these palaces deliver the breath of our ancestors.

There are many palaces in Seoul such as Changdeok Palace, Gyeongbok Palace, Deoksu palace and Changgyeong Palace. We selected the Changgyeong Palace because it is very quiet place from very limited numbers of visitors.

The buildings in this palace were built for the living houses of queens in 1484 which was the era of King Seong Jong. More buildings for zoo and conservatory were additionally built later in the era of late Joseon Dynasty and the name has been changed into Changgyeongwon. After that, a lot of cherry blossoms were planted and it was open to the public.

For the generation of forties and fifties who studied in Seoul have the experiences to go to Changgyeongwon for the retreat (MT-membership training). In 1983, all the amusement facilities were removed and the name has been changed back to Changgyeong Palace. Today I went to the street on Won Seo Dong and Won Nam Dong which are still remained in the same name. These names were originated from the Changgyeongwon. Won Seo Dong means the village which locates to the west (Seo in Korean) of Changgyeongwon and Won Nam Dong means the village which locates the south (Nam in Korean) of Changgyeongwon.

The first impression of Changgyeong Palace was the janitors who cleaned the inside of the palace who we can see over the wall. They are very serious to check the quality of cleaning for the visitors.

If you visit Changgyeong Palace, I strong would like to suggest that you should visit before 9 a.m. because the empty palace without the visitors looks so wonderful. Although you only pay 1,000 Korean Won for the entrance feel (approx.. 1 US dollar), it is worth of more than 10,000 Korean Won.

This is the scene of Myeongjeong Gate from the viewpoint of Okcheon Bridge. Fortunately the sky was blue and the sunshine in the morning was so great and the pink colors of leaves were glittered beautifully.

The best view point in Changgyeong Palace was this spot, in seeing to the right hand side direction and enjoying the cherry blossom flowers which were reflected in the stream.

This is the Myeongjeong Gate which was under the cherry blossoms. It looks that God bless the palace with the beautiful spring flowers.

After we passed the Myeongjeong Gate, we can see the direction of Hong Hwa Gate and Okchon Bridge and feel that there is something different world shown up.

Three folding screens, spring flowers and the visitors who enjoyed the spring… All these are shown on TV and it fascinated my heart.

Without fear, I walked up to the Pum Kye Seok (kind of signing stone which expresses the position of servants for the King) and this is the Wall-E. If you behaved like that in Joseon Dynasty, you were surely hit by the government officials for your misbehave. The empty Myeongjeong Chun in the early morning is the gift for the early visitors.

In front of Myeongjeongjeon in Changgyeong Palace, the basement was composed of granite which is touch surface not to be slipped during raining, the small grass was emerged between the gap which gives the natural atmosphere.

The pine tree which symbolized the fidelity is well matched with simple carved grey color roof.

The message of the spring is being delivered from the azalea and forsythia on the wall of Changgyeong palace.

The additional show off of the Changgyeong Palace is the feast of azalea which looks like the beautiful ballet dance.

The azalea in this place looks bigger and vigorously compared to those in the mountains.

We can see the relaxation of the visitors among the cherry blossoms. But someone are playing with smart phone. It is better to see the flowers than to play with smart phone.

We feel the absolute harmony to see the white cherry blossom flowers in the background of old green palace walls.

If you have chance of seeing the flowers, please find out the better background with flowers to look around in various directions.

We can see the janitors still cleaning and wiping.

Over the wall, we can see the roof of Changdeok Palace and three story garden having different height of staircases and it gives very three dimensional beautiful.

It has been a quite long time ago to see the scenery of blossoming azalea and forsythia together.

Normally the azalea came in the first place and next the forsythia followed up. Bur the spring came so quickly in this tear and we can see both flowers being shown up together.

These are the leaves and long shadows which can be found only in the clear and bright morning.

Mandarin duck visited for enjoying the spring in the Chundang Pond. The sounds of shutter were heard in many places to take the photograph of this shot. If you want to take the shot of flying the mandarin duck, you should throw out the peanuts to the birds.

There is small garden having the various wild flowers in the right hand side to the direction to the conservatory in the Changdeok Palace. It is also very interesting experience to watch over the flowers carefully.

The famous small pond which reflected the shade in the autumn. It also reflected the shade of the spring.

I have never seen this big forsythia which is much taller than human being. It must be the gift from our ancestor king to the future generations.


Address: 2-1 Wa Ryong Dong, Chongro-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City (서울특별시 종로구 와룡동 2-1)

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